Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I ment to say

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SO yesterday morning I put my son on his school van and i notice my dog is heading up the hill.. i called and he didnt answer so about 20 minutes later i load my other kids up and are off to drop the hubby at work and kids at school.. we get up the road and there is the dog . layin in the road DEAD.. it was OBVIOUSLY hit by my son's school van while my son was on it. we are the only house and that was the only vehicle down that part of the road. so i called my sons school and talk to the van driver and his boss and this is what the van driver said to me.. Well I seen him along side of the road but if i hit him i didnt notice it, that road is so bumpy anyways. so i said well let me speak to your supervior.. what i meant to say was...  wtf.. if  you do not pay that much attention to notice you ran over a 150lb DOG you dont need to be driving children .. so there for my kid will NOT be riding that van anymore and the school WILL be paying me the $140 i paid for the dog or else i am goin to come UNGLUED.... 

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  1. OMG I would be livid and stomping a mudhole ina bus driver. Seriously how do you NOT know you have hit 150 lb dog?? Yeah I would be going off that is for sure..
    thanks for playing along but I am sorry about your puppy