Tuesday, March 31, 2009


well as some of you know my husband has seizures, the doc isn't sure what causes them we only know that if he doesn't eat well or get enough sleep he is very hard to live with . last night around 2 am he got up and started having one, he fell and cut his self under the eye and today im going to take him to get stitch's and maybe some type of seizure control meds. He has some he just refuses to take them.so we will see .

Saturday, March 28, 2009

pageant maina..

well it is 2 am and i am up preparing my daughters things for a pageant tomorrow,reading blogs, checking email, and reading my two newest editions of Defining Crochet and Interweave Crochet, and I'm not tired at all,, my little boy was up all night last night with extreme diarrhea ya i know TMI he doctor pulled him off the antibiotics b.c of the poop situation since Saturday mid morning after he had two doses he started the poops.. i had him at the doctor last wed in the er, Friday at the ped.off, wed at the ped office and again today. let just say we are on a first name basis with our ped, a really cute mid forties single strait doctor who has never been married and is in good shape.LOL.. and his name is WILBUR.. well his last name.. and a WONDERFUL doctor..so we are putting in on some pepto and seeing if that will calm his tummy (my son not the Dr) lol.. just had to clear that up .and Gus is on the BRAT diet.. Banana's Rice,Apple sauce and Toast..YUMMY right.. NOT.. well that is all for now .. i guess i should go to bed..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rain rain

well it has rained most the day here and the kids are running all over our house screaming and playing, gus has started to pull on his other ear and he balance seems to be off and miah and him are both running low grade fevers and miah says her ear hurts. so ive been doin dishes and laundry and the mundain everyday sweeping and mopping and toy pickin up .i even had time to make two pies and bake some chocolate chip cookies and do some crocheting.and it is only 4 pm.. i m still trying to think of something for supper im leaning towards potato soup and grilled cheese sandwich's and warm pie for dessert.. i better get to peeling potato's.

Monday, March 23, 2009

not so busy day

well i woke up this morning , picked up the house a bit. sweptand mopped and then had to run to town to put dan's checkin the bank and pick up some charcol. we bbqed brawts and we had baked beans and chips..gus is feeling better and miah is her typical happy go lucky self. i also planted my tomato seeds and zuccini in styrofoam cups, aslo my tulips have started to bloom.. im so excited they are so pretty.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

still sick

well i thought gus was getting better . i took him to the doctor and he had developed a bad ear infection and was put on anitbiotics, then last night he started vomiting and he is running a fever and still sick at his tummy.. poor little guy right now he is finally sleep but his sister has started getting a feverto.. i hope this passes soon..
i hate having sick kids..

Friday, March 20, 2009

ER visit

well tuesday Gus had his 15 month shots and he is normally fussy the next day but yesterday he was OUT of control and when i tryed to put him to bed he cryed and cryed then he vomited 2x and i got him out of his bed and just let him play for a while i figured he would tire hisself out and i went to change his diaper and he was COVERED in a bright red rash with huge welps.. so i put him a cool bath and the redness didnt go away and then he was starting to wheeze and gasp for air so i put him in the car and took him to the ER..It turns out he had a allergic reaction to his shots and they gave him a shot of some meds and some bedadryle type meds to take for the next few days and today we took him to the dr and they drew blood for some test and tomarrow we go back for more , his rash is almost gone.so he is feeling better.. but we were up till 5:30 am and didnt get up till like 1 today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy st. patty's day

well i took my little boy gus to the dr today for his 15month check up he is doing very well he is 25lbs, 33 1/2 inches long and completely healthy, sister bear is well to. tonight we went to a donkey basket ball game.. where they ride donkeys and play basketball , it is very entertaining.those donkey's buck and kick it was really funny, the kids got to pet them to ..below is a few pics of that . gus liked to pull the donkey's hair..

Monday, March 16, 2009

more cleaning

well i got all my dishs washed all my floors swept and mopped and the kids room somewhat organized. so now im off to fold laundry and put it away . i also put a roast in a the crock pot with a packet of mccormic pulled pork seasoning and it SMELLS so GOOD!! i cant wait to eat it .. i think i'll serve it with baked beans and who knows?

spring cleaning.

well today we accomplished a lot around our house yet i seem to still be disappointed at the progress and some of it is my own lazyness today that contributed to the problem, factor #1 is i didnt wake up until 11am cause i was up till 4am with insomnia..#2 it was so nice to just play with the kids for a while i didnt get all my list done. Hubby worked really hard today cleaning up all the limbs still in the yard from the ice storm, splittin by hand and stacking all the fire wood up out back, more insulating under the new addtion so the drywall mud doesnt freeze when we put it on , and he got all the garbage HIS stupid puppy drugg out of the garbage pit and he got the pit burned. here in the country we dug a big whole in the ground and carry out all our garbage the is not recylables and throw it in and then every once in a while we torch it.. saves space in a landfill, we make extra money off the cans and ect and we are saving cause we don t have to pay to dispose of it. i got the living room organized , swept and mopped, the kitchen table cleaned off and swept and mopped the floor, did the floors in the kids room , hall and bathroom, sorted my laundry , did like 4 loads , put some laundry away (hallauliah) and picked up all the dirty clothes stashed in bedrooms and hauled to the dirty clothes bin. made the bed and hubby fixed the vacume cleaner .. yay.. so tomarrow im putting away laundry , doing dishes and vacuming and scrubbing toilets..FUN FUN.. i actually like to clean the bathroom ,that is my fav chore.. id much rather scrub a toilet than do dishes or put up laundry .. well im off to bed early it is only 1am.. maybe i'll be up around 9:30 ish tomarrow..

Friday, March 13, 2009

i hate funerals

well we made it thru the visitation, funeral, and graveside and the berevement dinner. Now all the family is in the process of helping sort and dispose and pack up all my husbands uncles things and it so depressing, and prepare for a benifit for his family it is going to be at Dunbar in MH on March 20th at 5:30 , there will be a silent pie auction and bluegrass music.. i hope anyone who lives in the area can attend.. im still emotionally exhasasted and physically rundown from not sleeping well.i have a little bit of house work to catch up one and a bunch of laundry to do i just cant seem to get motivated to do it. maybe i 'll wake up in the mood to work tomarrow.. if i can ever get to sleep..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

not looking forward

im not looking forward to this funeral tomarrow.. it is goin to be really hard. im so tired and emotionally exhausted i dont even know what to write.

Monday, March 9, 2009

a time and place

well as most of you know #1 my husbands uncle passed away yesterday evening from a aneurysm and #2 i DO not get along with my husbands sister beth. Being that #1 and #2 affect each other lest just say the past few days have been more than uncomfortable considering the circumstances,

Most people view death as a reminder that we are not promised anything and we should make the most of our time on earth and treat others as we would want to be treated so when we pass GOOD things are remember and said about us, And that you could put aside your childish ass high school behavior , grow up and be civil but apparently some PEOPLE cant do that,
They insist on giving dirty looks, making smart ass comments and being a GRADE A #1 BITCH!!!

Now trying to be the bigger person is REALLY hard when you would really like to knock them on thier ass but knowing that this is NOT the time nor place, you have to suck it up and put on your big girl panties.. now after all has settled down there maybe be a good ole country ass whoopin..

You know some one can take so much b.s from someone before they snap,
a few "hypotheticals" to consider..
#1 turning someone in to dhs to try to sabotage a marriage by placing blame on the wife thru lies to persade the husband to leave her or kick her out.
#2 email someones friends and telling everyone in the family that doesnt really know that someone how terrible of a mother they are then leaving YOUR child with that person while you go outside and get drunk..
#3 pretending to be a "christian" and saying the reason you dislike someone because they "lie" all the time and then living a lie by trying to keep it a secrete you drink? who cares you are 21 if you want a beer drink the dam thing..dont hide it..
#4 LIKE you have never lied??
#5 everytime you are around you are the ass of all jokes, continues snide comments being made about you and the evil looks and wispering..
Yup she is pretty lucky i aint kicked the shit out of her yet..
now having said all of that i dont hate this person , i feel sorry for her that she is SO miseable that she has to treat others this away to feel good about herself.. and that she is SO jelous of my husband and me. it is really sad .. that the people who treat you the worse are family.
so anythoughts or suggestions.. let me know.. just needed to vent ..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

rough day

well today has been the day from hell and brought new oppertunities, Last night my husbands uncle had a brain bleed so they flew him from mnt. home to springfield and today they did surgury but he didnt make it , he was 36 and his wife is 29 so please pray for our family .. we are all heart broken..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

feeling a little better

well gus is slowly getting better, coughing less and wheezing less, and starting to eat and play more, while doin all his treatments is keeping me busy and today while he was sleeping i snuck in some bible devotional time and i went to my father in laws house so his fiance could make me a bow for miah's pageant on saturday we did a two mile walk dvd.. so i got in a work out finaly it has been like over a month since i go to work out so im feeling good, now if i could just get motivated to wash all the dishes from lunch and supper and put away that laundry .and i finished miah's skirt that i was crocheting.. (check it out on my other blog)..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a few days

well its been a few days since i posted last .. gus is really sick we have had him to the dr. on friday and today..he has an ear infection in both ears , pneumonia again in both lungs, strep throat , and bronchitis,and rsv.. but we are past the contagious stage.. good.. maybe with anyluck maih wont get it, we are on two inhalers, a nebulizer med, a steriod, pers. cough med, and a anitbiotic that is SIX different meds.. we are also preparing for a pageant for miah .. we got her dress today and will be making socks and scrunchies later..my brother is visiting for a week and im enjoying spending time with him.just the normal stuff goin on at home cleaning house and such.