Wednesday, May 27, 2009

productive but sad day

well to bad today isn't Monday cause my home is singing like George strait at a i got everything *just imagine* on my to do list DONE!!! all i have to do tomorrow is put away all the laundry i folded and basic sweeping and pick up. also today i finished my remembrance bag and we packaged up baby Micah and buried the baby under a really nice shaded tree and hubby made a stone and i will be taking pics of the stone tomorrow.i also took pics of "Micah" but dont think i want to share them, so im drained..and i cant sleep , i thought i was "over" the loss of the baby but i guess not. I m sad for the loss but also for the child i will never know.all the first i have seen with both miah and gus and how this little one would have fit in with my other two kiddo. and even if this baby was a boy or girl? or what it would have looked like . so im a little sad but i also know that my baby is in heaven with my dad and his is playing with his grandchild for the first time. That is one thing that makes me so sad when i look at my kids is that they wont know what a great man thier poppa tom was..and how much i KNOW he would spoil them. I also know that god gives and takes away and only he know the reason so while i have accepted the baby's death im not happy with it.. hopefuly god blesses us with more children and if now we will raise the ones we have to love him anyway. we have permanatly said goodby to birthcontrol and to our little peanut..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

win a discovery toys product called...

Visit Two of a kind working on a full house here to enter to win a Discovery Toys call Hammer Away. Perfect for a little carpenter in your life.. boy or girl..Check it out..

Monday, May 25, 2009

menu planning monday

So check out Im an Oraganizing Junkies Site to see more menu's

MY menu is a easy one this week cause i am feeling a little like a Lazy Llama .

breakfast -eggs and toast
lunch-pizza rolls , mandrine oranges
supper- Grilled Brats and Chip

supper-sloppy joes, baked beans,potato salad, chips

breakfast-cereal , toast
lunch-chicken nuggets
supper-corn beef hash and kraut

breakfast-pancakes, bacon
lunch-fish sticks,peaches, green beans
supper-BBQ chicken pizza

breakfast- bagels and fruit
lunch-left overs
supper-EAT OUT!!!(my fave meal) .. no dishes

breakfast-oatmeal , fruit and bacon
lunch- sandwich's
supper- hot dogs and burgers

breakfast-ceral and toast
lunch-left overs
supper-nofry crunchy chicken.

confessions of a lazy llama

Time for more confessions...
OK so when I'm feeling like a Lazy Llama sometimes I....

  1. Kick the shoes under my hubby's recliner so I dont have to Pick them up.
  2. Spray Febreeze all over the house to make it "Smell" like I've cleaned that day.
  3. Break out the "fine China" aka paper plates because I'm tired of washing dish's.
  4. Fast Forward thru the part of my Pilate DVD I can not do cause I'm so out of shape
  5. Skip my work out all together to crochet
  6. Love the peace and quite of the house after everyone goes to sleep and stay up till 2 :30 blogging about it instead of working out.
So I hope that y'all will share some of your "llama" moments..

Please Pray for my nephew Lucus..

Please pray for my nephew, well the really son of a kid who is just like my brother so i consider him my brother and his son my nephew. He was born 2 yrs ago with his intestins outside of his body and had to have surgury following birth to put them back in.. here is the email i got from his grandma..below

Hello, Just letting everyone know the update on Lucas. Wed night he was fussy in the night and could not be calmed. The kids took hi to St John's by car. They called at 5AM to say that he had an obstruction but that they were waiting to see if it was viral and would clear on it's own. At 6 they said that Dr. was going out of town so if Lucas had to have surgery it would be done in St. Louis. At 9 they called and said his blood pressure dropping and pulse rate rising and that he was on his way to OR there at St John's. He was in surgery from 10AM unitl 1:45 PM. They closed knowing that they would have to go back in the next morning. He had to have a large amount of his small intestine resected. He only has about 110cm of small intestine left. If he requires more surgery they will have to fly him to Ohmaha Nebraska or Boston Mass. So keep us in prayer because we won't know about this until Tuesday.

He is a very sick little boy and needs our prayers..thanks

happpy homemaker monday

be sure to check out Sandra's blog for more happy homemaker monday post

On my bedside table:
a candle, a ball of yarn and a crochet hook

On my TV:

On the menu for tonight:
skettie and bread

On my To Do List:
fold and put away laundry

New Recipe I tried last week:
BBQ chicken Pizza

In the craft basket:
several crochet projects

Looking forward to:
it to stop raining

Homemaking Tip for this week:
make hay while the sun is shining or clean while your kids are napping

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
Two of a kind working on a full house's blog
its pretty funny.

Favorite photo from last week:

Lesson learned the past few days:
sometimes you just have to prioritize

On my Prayer List:
My almost nephew Luke who is really sick.. you can read about it here

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
none really although i need to find a good one.. ive kinda slacked off in this area

Sunday, May 24, 2009

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

SO is it Monday ALREADY??? NOO.. only i don't have to dread it so much this week as hubby is off from work..yay.. so to make my home sing this week have decided in order for my home to sing some times things have to "wait" their turn. I am only one person and can not do it all and be SUPER mommy. And to do this I have to let somethings that are not "that" important go do the major stuff first even if that means there are* GASP* dirty dishes in the sink while me andmy 3 yr old play candy land in the middle of a cluttered living room so be it. Life is not all about work and no play.
How can you have a well rounded child if all you do is let them entertain them selfs and clean all the time .YES your house will be clean Maybe..but what will your children turn out like. Having a happy child(ren) and making sure they know they are loved is making your home sing. You cant always be a super mom and super maid and super wife. you have to pick your battles . and i would rather "battle" a 3 yrold than a sink full of dishes. Check out Moms the Word for more ways to make your home sing.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Photo Flash Back

Friday Photo Flashback

Here are some pics of me when I was little. gotta love the 80's. These pics range from the time i was 4 days old till around the sixth grade.. and be sure to check out Alicia blog for more Friday photo flash back's

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wordful wednesday

Today is Wednesday and that means time for WORDFUL WEDNESDAY be sure to check the others out

Look mommy I painted my toe nails, Do you need yours painted?
no thank you it seems i have something else that needs my attention i just cant seem to remember what it it?

OH ya .. removing all that paint off of you..You gotta love those "helpful" 3yr olds out there..

OMG my 100th post

OMG can you believe its my 100th post.. i cant believe it. thank you to everyone who reads and comments . well that it.. i hope you didn't expect fire works or something..

wordless wednesday

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I guess supper was just TO exciting for Gus this night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

daisy days..

Saturday while hubby was tooling around the yard the kids were playing out side and I decieded to dress them up and take their pics and the following are the results some are pretty good others are ok and a few just silly. My kids are country to the core and LOVE to be outside. Don't you wish your kids were this cute!!lol

making my home sing monday UPDATE

Making your home sing Mondays

well Ive since returned home from town and had a pretty productive evening .. i got almost all the dishes done and a ton of laundry folded, swept and swiffered the kitchen, living room, hall , bathroom and kids room and vacuumed our bedroom floor, i also changed all the sheets on our bed and both of the kids beds. and managed to throw together a unplanned supper of Grilled Lemon Pepper pork chops, cottage cheese, baked beans, mac n cheese, coleslaw. potato salad, rolls, and mac salad. I also had gotten a bottle of Lime Away at Walgreen's this week on sale and used it for the first time on my bathtub which gets a lot of use with a 3 yr old , 1 yr old and a carpenter/grease monkey for a hubby . We have a well so we have hard water .. i didn't expect it to work Ive tried EVERYTHING.. and much to my surprise it worked.. and my bathtub looks now i feel that my home is singing and i feels SO good.and if you need a good laugh check out Muthering Heights blog the video she posted SO funny.. also check out moms the word this is her meme idea.. also another plug for my confessions of a lazy llama meme.. it feels SO good to finally feel like things are under control again..

Monday, May 18, 2009

menu planning monday

So this week for menu planning Monday was a dead ringer for me.. since my little girl was in the hospital most of last week i didn't cook one single things off last weeks menu. So that is what we are having this week, good thing to since this weeks grocery budget was used up by eating out last week.So check out I'm an Organizing Junkie's Blog here for more menus and such, and to take a peek at my last weeks menu .also here is another shamless plug for my own meme i created called confessions of a lazy llama please check it out..I hope all is well in blog land for everyone.

Not me Monday

SO another Monday .. another crazy day filled with running around town trying to accomplish something.I would never want to just want to hide in my bed NOT ME!!I would never make my own meme and shamelessly promote it on all the other memes i participate in NOPE not me.(btw) its called confessions of a lazy llama and you can participate here and make sure to read MckMamma's post since this is her meme.I would never encourage my kids to just "go play" so i can have five seconds to breath, relax, try to hear my self think.nope .. well i guess it is time to wrap this post up since my kids are "playing" while i type they are quite so we all know what that means.. THEY ARE INTO SOMETHING.. they aint supposed to be.. hope everyone is having a good monday

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

well after the past two weeks of craziness at my house it is about time things got back to "normal". but still not completely, my home is only about half way in tune today, while ive only got a small sink full of dishes to do , I still have 2 weeks worth of laundry to fold and put away. Hubby actually got a lot accomplished this weekend ie, fixed my car where i can drive it , mowed the lawn and helped me catch up on the laundry.So i Got the rest of the house all cleaned and Managed to make a new batch of laundry soap and get all my diaper laundry done. Today my 17 yr old sister in a law is having surgery on her ear to repair some deterioration so we are at the hospital waiting to see how she is. so that is all really going on maybe tomorrow i can get a full day at home to really make my home sing.Sometimes It feels as if all we do is go go go and nothing gets done around the house and there are other day's when i feel i could clean till im blue in the face and you cant tell ive done a thing. well since my post is so boring today make sure to check out Moms the Word for an interesting one..and I made my own meme called Confessions of a lazy llama check it out here Maybe next monday things will be back to normal and my home will be singing..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Confessions of a Lazy Llama

SO I join all these things such as Making my Home sing Monday at Moms The Word , Not me Monday, with Mckmamma, Works for my Wednsday from We are THAT Family and Friday Photo Flash Back from Alicia's Blog I'm not even sure what they are called, and I got the idea to do my own. Iam calling it Confessions of a Lazy Llama, where did I come up with that you wonder? Well our neighbor has 3 Llama's and when we drive by to go anywhere those llama's are always laying down so my 3 yr old calls them Lazy Llama's. SO it is a saying around our house that if you are taking a short cut or "cheating" as my 3 yr old says you are being a Lazy Llama.SO I thought Maybe some of you would like to share how you make things easier for your self by being a "lazy llama"

I am a Lazy Llama when instead of sweeping my floors I set my vacuum to bare floors setting and use it instead .
I am a Lazy Llama when I never mop with a real mop I just use my swiffer wet or a wet wash cloth under both feet to clean up spills.
I am a Lazy Llama when I use dry erase Markers on my bare fridge cause I to LAZY to walk across a 12ft room to write it on the board.

SO hopefully ya'll will participate and share how you a "lazy llama"
I know as a mom we never have time to be "lazy" so this is just for fun.
And since I cant figure out how to use Mr. Linky please just post your links to a comment. Maybe someone can help me with MR. Linky .. I hope everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday before Life takes its hold tomarrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

speaking reply..

So in reply to my anonymous poster this is the biblical basis for my opinion of artificial insemination to have children .. it is from a web site called Life & Liberty Ministerys. ,

so while i think god was opening my eyes it was not to approve of invitro .. it was to tell me to STOP using birth control and to welcome all his blessings aka children.

From Life and Liberty :
God Alone Gives and Withholds Children
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him (Psalm 127:3) The most abundantly documented truth in the Bible concerning children is that they come from God as his gift and that he, and he alone, has the privilege of giving and withholding children.

The story of Jacob's wives Rachel and Leah (and their handmaids) is an account of the Lord opening and closing the womb as he chooses—and this in the midst of human finagling to control the process of birth! (Genesis 29:31-30:24) When it was all said and done, Jacob would speak of his sons as the children God has graciously given (33:5). Refer also in this connection to these passages: Gen. 16:2; 20:18; 48:9; Lev. 20:20,21; Jdg. 13:3,24; Ruth 4:13; 1 Sam. 1:5,11,19,20; Job 42:12,13; Is. 8:18; Lk. 1:7,24,25.

In condemning his unfaithful people in Ezekiel 16:20-21, God says, And you took your sons and daughters whom you bore to me and sacrificed them as food for idols....You slaughtered my children.... Our children are God's children. That ought to affect how we view conception and birth. God gives children and so they are his!

It is part of the arrogant presumption of our age that men and women believe they can control the process of conception and birth. Yet how many have we known who have become pregnant despite efforts to avoid it, or who have decided to have children only to find that they cannot conceive? God still opens and closes the womb, and he is still better at family planning than we are.

Who are we to presume that we know when a new human being should be born. Children are not trifles; they are eternal beings who have a purpose and significance in God's hands that we cannot even imagine. What audacity to think that we have sufficient wisdom to decide if and when another should begin his eternal sojourn! The Bible does not even hint that such a decision belongs in the hands of man; it is God's prerogative alone.

Children Are a Blessing
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your sons will be like olive shoots around your table. Thus is the man blessed who fears the Lord (Psalm 128:3,4).

Since God wants a marriage to result in multiplying children, since children are the necessary means to taking dominion, since it is God's prerogative to give and withhold children, it is not surprising to find that the Bible consistently teaches that children are a blessing. How could they be viewed otherwise? Not having children was considered a serious deprivation of blessing (and at times an actual curse) and the barren woman in Scripture invariably seeks relief from her condition. (Gen. 11:30; 15:2; 30:1; Jdg. 13:2; 1 Sam. 1:2; 2 Sam. 6:23; 2 Ki. 4:14; Hos. 9:11; Lk. 1:7; 20:29)

Only a people who lose God's perspective on life would come to see children as a burden, and that is where we have come in Western society. We have already mentioned how this anti-child feeling has crept into the church. Those who see children as a burden or a curse want to limit or eliminate them; hence birth control and abortion. Those who see them as God's blessing want all that God chooses to give them, and they receive them with joy and thanksgiving. Why would anyone choose to deprive himself of God's blessing?

Birth Control Is Severely Judged
While the term birth control is not mentioned in the Bible there is one example of its practice (this provides us with a pattern to be avoided): Then Judah said to Onan, 'Lie with your brother's wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother.' But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother's wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the Lord's sight; so he put him to death also (Gen. 38:8-10).

Onan had an obligation, later codified in the Mosaic Law (Deut. 25:5,6), to give his dead brother's wife a child to carry on the name of the deceased and inherit his land and goods. He refused this obligation by practicing a form of birth control. His goal was to prevent his brother from having an heir, and his method succeeded as well as if he had murdered the heir. God killed him for his sin.

Did God punish Onan for his refusal to fulfill his brotherly responsibility, for practicing birth control by wasting his seed, or both? The text does not precisely identify for us the what that was so wicked in the Lord's sight. We know Onan sinned by refusing to father a child for his sister-in-law. We know he sinned by enjoying sexual relations with her and appearing to fulfill his duty without actually fulfilling it. Do we know what God thinks of the act of spilling his seed on the ground—taking the act apart from its context? We cannot separate the act from its context in Onan's case.

Given all that we have seen in the Scripture about the purpose of the sexual act and God's view of children, it is entirely reasonable to conclude that Onan's act of birth control was itself an abomination deserving God's wrath. However, this account does not provide an iron-clad answer to the question. A reasonable conclusion is not by itself the basis for an absolute rule of conduct.

While the Onan incident is not the airtight anti-birth-control case that some writers make it out to be, it may well indicate God's hatred of such acts, and it is at least consistent with the rest of Scripture which offers absolutely nothing to encourage the practice of birth control.

Dealing With Doubts and Fears
Taking together all the relevant teachings of Scripture we are left with the conclusion that we should let God do our family planning. He will open and close the womb as it serves his inscrutable purposes, and we should accept with joyful thanksgiving all the children with which he chooses to bless us.

here is what i found on another site called

from there web site:
Question: "How should a Christian deal with infertility?"

Answer: The problem of infertility can be a very difficult one, especially for couples who have looked forward to children all their lives. Christian couples can find themselves asking “Why us, Lord?” Surely God wants Christians to be blessed with children to love and nurture. For physically healthy couples, one of the most heart-wrenching aspects of infertility is not knowing whether it is a temporary or permanent situation. If it is temporary, how long must they wait? If it is permanent, how do they know that, and what should be their course of action?

The Bible depicts the problem of temporary infertility in several stories:

God promised Abraham and Sarah a child, but she did not bear a son, Isaac, until age 90 (Genesis 11:30).

Isaac, Rebekah’s husband, prayed fervently, and God answered, resulting in the births of Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:21).

Rachel prayed, and at long last God “opened her womb.” She bore two sons, Joseph and Benjamin (Genesis 30:1; 35:18).

Manoah's wife, who was infertile for a time, gave birth to Samson (Judges 13:2).

Elizabeth in her old age gave birth to John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ (Luke 1:7, 36).

The barrenness of Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel (the mothers of the Israelite nation) is significant in that their ability to finally bear children was a sign of the grace and favor of God. However, infertile couples must not assume that God is withholding His grace and favor, nor should they assume they are being punished in some way. Christian couples must cling to the knowledge that their sins are forgiven in Christ and that the inability to have children is not a punishment from God.

So what is an infertile Christian couple to do? It is good to seek advice from gynecologists and other fertility specialists. Both men and women should live a healthy lifestyle to prepare for pregnancy. The mothers of the Israelite nation prayed fervently for conception, so continuing to pray for a child is certainly not out of line. Primarily, though, we are to pray for God's will for our lives. If His will is for us to have a natural child, we will. If His will is that we adopt, foster-parent, or go childless, then that is what we should accept and commit to gladly doing. We know that God has a divine plan for each of His loved ones. God is the author of life. He allows conception and withholds conception. God is sovereign and possesses all wisdom and knowledge (see Romans 11:33-36). “Every good and perfect gift is from above...” (James 1:17). Knowing and accepting these truths will go a long way to filling the ache in the hearts of an infertile couple.

What does the Bible say about in-vitro fertilization (IVF)?

in-vitro fertilization

Question: "What does the Bible say about in-vitro fertilization?"

Answer: In-vitro fertilization is the process of joining a sperm and egg together outside of a woman's body, then placing the fertilized egg, or zygote, in the woman's body so that she can become pregnant. In-vitro fertilization is a controversial issue among Christians, and the Bible does not address it. Therefore, it becomes a matter of conviction from the Holy Spirit.

God values every human life; He creates and plans for every birth. The Bible says, "You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb....You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb" (Psalm 139:13,15, NLT). Because the fertilized egg is a living human, there are some moral implications to consider. Often couples decide to harvest more eggs than they plan to use, which means that some of the embryos end up being destroyed, or frozen for later use. However, if the couple conceives immediately, they may never need to use the frozen embryos, which would then end up being destroyed. The Bible does not give us permission to destroy innocent human life – this would be murder.

One way to remedy this problem is to only harvest the eggs that the couple plans to implant in the womb. There is, of course, a high risk that at least some of the fertilized eggs will miscarry, but this way it would be a natural expulsion instead of purposeful destruction. This also means that the woman may have to go through additional procedures and expense to have more eggs harvested later on.

Sometimes people, not wanting to wait for God's perfect timing, get pregnant by in-vitro fertilization out of impatience. The Bible tells us that yielding to the Holy Spirit will give us patience (Galatians 5:22), and so we must be careful not to take God's work into our own hands when He may have other purposes for us. A couple should not get involved in in-vitro fertilization " Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will" (Romans 12:2).

So this is why i believe the way i do , and im sorry if that steps on some wait a minute im not sorry .. Im living and believing what the bible says and i shouldn't have to be sorry for that.. if you have issue with it take it up with God.. If i were not able to have my own children or am not able to have anymore natural children i would adopt a child who needs a home.Just because you dont birth the child doesn't make it yours or mean you cant be a parent.God know what is best.. And everything happens for a reason.. so now that ive made a bunch of ppl mad i think i'll go knit and read my bible .. good night all ..

Friday, May 15, 2009


so i was just wondering something for those of you out here in blog land do you believe you can "speak" things in to existence? I do i was raised to be careful what you say as you can make things happen with words.. so saying that Ive had the thought come to through my mind that some how maybe all the negative things said about my most recent pregnancy by my husband's family could have contributed to the loss.. I am not BLAMING anyone, I know it was all apart of gods plan , but since so many of them spoke those evil and hurtful things could it have had an effect? What do you think? I know I am blessed with two wonderful and mostly healthy children already, one of each, do you think it is selfish of me to want more? We believe each child is a blessing and by using birth control you are denying a blessing from god which we view as a sin.. also know as a quiver full family . this is just something god has recently opened our eyes to. Let me know what you think..

Friday Photo Flash Back

Friday Photo Flashback

Well TGIF..and after the way this week has been I'm defiantly ready for it to be over but it cant end with out Friday Photo Flash Back and this weeks them is wedding pics.Check out Alicia's FPFB post after all this was her wonderful idea..
So about my wedding.. It was both a happy and sad day in my life .. Let me take you back to June 7th, 2005 , My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given 2-3 to live that was Tuesday before my wedding on Saturday June 11,2005, On Thursday June 9th my daddy came home from the hospital with hospice care, and at 5:30 am on June 11th, he died. AT 3 pm I got married.I was the hardest thing Ive ever had to do was bury the only person who was ALWAYS there for me when i need ANYTHING , there isn't a day that goes by still four years later when i dont think of something i need to ask him or want to tell him.We went to Branson , MO on our Honeymoon that Saturday night and stayed Sunday and came back to my moms on Monday for his visitation and then Tuesday was his funeral. So im posting a pic of my dad and me on my wedding day when i was married the first time in 2001 and the pics of my wedding from 2005.Let me tell you about my wedding its self, We had planned to have it in the field below my parents home so dad could be wheeled down for the ceremony as he had been sick for some time and in a wheel chair. We arrived at 9 am in town and i went to get my hair done and because i was a few minutes late the lady refused to fit me in .. so i went across town and my first choice who said she was booked called in a favor to a hairdresser named lyn who was off that day but he came in and took care of me.. then off to the house to set up ..well it came a thunderstorm, while i was getting my hair fixed, my hubby to be set up the arch , and hay bails, (Can you say redneck wedding) and the saw horses and plywood tables for the reception and the wagon and tent where the cake was to go, about an hour and a half before the wedding it began to rain and rain and thunder and lightening and the arch blew over and the tent blew away so we ran down and carried the cake in to the house and called the preacher and asked if we could use our church and he agreed so we all loaded up and headed to the church, in the process i got totally soaked and my dress was all muddy and my make up all ran off, when we went to set up the cake the icing had gotten to hot and was melting and wouldn't set up right so it was stacked a different way and then we had NO decorations in the church and when we finally started the wedding the church's music system wouldn't work so we had NO music.. oh ya few weeks earlier we had reserved our room at our hotel with my dads credit card and thought we paid for it so when we went to check in they wanted his card well i didn't have it so we explained our situation and they let us stay anyway,needless to say we managed to have a little fun that night .. proof .. my daughter was born 10 months to the DAY we were married , we named her after my dad ..his name was Thomas Lynn and we Named her Tommiah Katelynn and call her Tommie-Kate Tommiah means honoring Thomas.the next night we camped out and went to silver dollar city , and then back to my moms.. i call it my wedding from HELL!! you know it is funny my first wedding was PERFECT and the marriage was a DISASTER.. and this time the wedding was a Disaster and the marriage is really good yes he aggravates the hell out of me on special occasions..aka read my mothers day post, but he is a pretty good guy the rest of the time, He is WONDERFUL daddy and a great provider and husband.So we have planned at some point in the future to renew our vows and try to have a better ceremony than last time, and it will be a REDNECK affair.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

works for me wedneday

You know what works for me , Is today we finally got to bring our little princess home from the hospital since being in there starting Monday. Now i get to unpack all the goodies she received and catch up on my neglected house work and laundry. So what works for me is appricating my two healthy and beautiful babies while they are little. YUP that will work for me, Some people arent so lucky such as poor Kayliegh Ann Freeman's family, Kayliegh Passed away a few nights ago and Im sure her family would appricate prayers of comfort.. Be sure to check out We are that Family's Blog for more WFMW's post.Well i know its late but hey better late than never huh..

Monday, May 11, 2009

hospital stay

saturday afternoon we were at the farm and my 3 yr old said she stepped on something i looked and didnt see anything major just a red dot, we put neosporn and a bandaid and all was well or so i thought, she went to spend the night with grammy and her foot started turnin red and swelling so today i took her to the ped office and now we are at the hospital b.c. she has cellulitis aka a bad infection requireing iv anitbiotics she is doing well and we will be hanging out here for a few days dont know how often i will on as the hospital pcs suck and i dont want to leave her side.

not me monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

well it is time for not me monday and this week is goin to be short because my little angel is in hospital right now and im finishing up this draft as she sleeps so i can post it ..SO i would never stay up till 3 am to catch up on house work not me. I would never sleep on the couch while my 3 yrs is watching cartoon. nope.. i would never get upset when she climbs over the baby gate and get in a bottle of nail polish and she would never paint her legs bright red..nope not my little angel. and i would never take apic of her in that condition

.i would never put off doin the laundry until it literaly mounded up on our bed like a huge mole hill. hey at least it is clean..right.. i would NEVER EVER write a blog about my ungrateful selfish husband and my huge disappointment of a mothers day.well that is about all i have time to write as im am so tired from to day's events.

menu planning monday

so this week we are having the following around our house.. also check out these other menu planning monday blogs.. the happy housewife and I'm an organizing junkie..

Breakfast -scrambled eggs, toast and banana's
Lunch-something in town more than likely McDonald's
Supper- Chicken Carbonaro, mashed potato's and glazed carrots

breakfast- waffles and peaches
lunch- chicken nuggets and fries
Supper-Cowboy beans and cornbread

breakfast-oatmeal, muffins and pears
lunch- Pb and J sandwich's ,celery and mixed fruit
supper-BBQ chicken pizza


breakfast-pancakes, sausage, and Mandarin oranges
lunch-mac n cheese, corn and apples
supper- spaghetti pie , garlic bread and salad


breakfast-cold ceral , toast and banana's
lunch -raviloli, green beans and fried bread and cottage cheese
supper- birthday dinner for a nephew and brother in law at my father in laws - Rotinie


breakfast - biscuits and gravy ,eggs and bacon
lunch-hamburger helper
supper- we normally eat out this meal..

breakfast-bagels and melon
lunch - left overs
supper--mystery meal... i dont know yet..

Well that is about everything , I have my shopping list all made and am ready to hit the store with two(sick) toddlers in tow..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Making your home sing Monday

Making your home sing Mondays

So it is Monday again and time for another edition of making your home sing Monday, Moms the Word has a wonderful post that I am sure everyone can relate to..
So what am I doing to Make my home sing this Monday , NOT a lot, Ive got a ton of house work to catch up on . Laundry out my ears and a sink full of dirty dishes since i was out for the count most of last week on bed rest. And a list of errands to run a mile long, both my little ones are sick and have doctors appointments tomorrow , i have to do my grocery shopping , pick up our Wic, go by the hospital and pick up the "specimen" aka our baby .. so we can bury it..Go to the Doctor my self to get blood drawn to see if my counts have went down, go to the pharmacy to pick up the refills for my kids daily asthma meds and pay a few bills.. SO needless to say my home is NOT singing tomorrow and prolly not all week, I'm exhausted from all the stress and still in pain in my heart and my body from the loss of my little one , Yet not receiving any help around the house with anything from anyone , I guess I'm just everyone's Slave.. Not exactly how i thought being a stay at home mom lived when i was a kid and that is all i wanted to be.. i hope ya'lls homes are singing load enough to keep mine from being noticed that it aint..

happy mothers day

now having said that you would think that since today is Mothers day my husband and father to my 3 kids would say or do something to recognize that..NOPE.. not a single happy mothers day , no card ,no presents, no gifts and he sent my kids off to his moms for the weekend, not because he had something special planned nope!!!! He want to work on his ignorant truck (NEver mind that we needed more room like last week and the addition is so close to being finished it aint funny ) oh ya but that would require some effort on his part to not be a selfish DICK . and do something for someone else .. never mind that i care for him and his kids 24hrs a day 7 days a week, make sure his house and clothes are clean, dinner is on the table , and his kids are well taken care of, the bills are paid and i clip coupons and shop on sale like crazy to keep his bank account in check as well . HE goes to WORK every day while apparently all i do is SIT on my ASS all day and play online.. HE MAKES all the MONEY and all i do is SPEND it. His f****** sister can tell everyone that i am a horrible mom call dhs on us and try to get our kids taken away , and when ever she calls him to help her fix her car he jumps right up and runs over there even though my POS lemon he forced me to get is parked in the drive not working as we speak.. and he wont even say anythin to his sister about what she did is wrong.. he never will stand up for me or defend me to his family but is the first one to point out all the faults in my family .. I am so sick and tired of being SHIT on and today was the straw that broke the camels BACK.. so i hope everone else enjoys their "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY " cause mine sucked ASS!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

friday photo flash back

Friday Photo Flashback

Here is a pic of the first moment i ever laid eyes on my little girl making me a mommy, and since it is mothers day I thought I would post it.. It is only 3yrs old but a special moment in my life.. i thought i would share it with ya'll. Ive also included her hospital pics and she was born 3 days before Easter so the purple dress is her first Easter dress and the overalls were mine when i was little gotta start a country girl out right ..huh.?? Also a few pics of daddy giving her first bath I think she was about 20 mins old in those,I had a emergency c-section so It was about 2 hrs after she was born before I seen her. MY whole family met her before me I was the LAST person to get to meet her, thats just not fair !!! And the second video is my little Gussy, He is so sweet.

In this video is Gus , my hottie doctor, gussy's first bath oh ya.. and what happens on halloween when you have way to much free time in arkasas.. Also check out Alicia's blog this is all her idea

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby Micah..

Well i went to the doctor and the baby had passed away so they removed it and Daniel and I decied we are goin to bury the body some where on our farm and make the baby a marker and we picked out a gender nutral name and it is Micah J. Strain since we didnt know if the baby was a boy or a girl. All we can do is try to move on and love our two kids that are with us. I feel much better physically and go back to the doctor in a week to get a check up . Thanks for all the prayers..

works for me wednesday

so i read another blog from moms the word and thought i have begun being frugal and i got the button from the host blog site We are that Family.. I make and use my own cloth diapers on our 16 month old, I wash them using laundry soap i home make, we are raising a garden along with my father in law and his fiance, on our family farm there are pigs, chickens, cows. so we have fresh milk, cream, home made butter, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, regular cheese eggs , bacon . pork chops, sausage, hamburger,steaks, ribs, roast and chicken. and all our veggies and herbs. I also use baking soda and vinegar to clean almost everything in our house.I also have been using coupons if i need something from the store and buy things on sale(i love Walgreen's).Also my kids receive state funded health insurance which qualifies us for a discount from our phone company so we cashed in on that. we have paid off our credit card and only owe on our land, our cars and house are also paid for, I shop for kids clothes at a thrift shop where they have a huge free pile and most time i get more stuff from there than i buy also at this same shop if you donate things you get 25 % off your purchase so i crochet hats and booties for preemies (this is the local hospital auxiliary thrift shop) so im helping others and saving money.We have also limited our trips to town and do several things when we go in, I purposely scheduled multiple doctors appointment on Fridays when i need to do any shopping and hubby takes his check to the bank.we have also started to only eat out once a week normally on Friday nights and i make a menu for a whole month and buy anything i dont have in bulk from Aldi's or Sam's club. that saves us a ton of money another way Ive cut back is our dog and cat eat scraps, there is always scraps, i buy very little cat food, our dog would rather have cat food than dog food so i just buy one big bag , we also feed our two rabbits , lettuce and carrots from our garden . also my hubby's grandpa raises sorghum cane and makes sorghum every year and we have that and we can wild grapes into jelly. so we are doing OK.all my friends tease me that all i need is a horse and buggy , then i could be Amish. Only my guilty pleasures is I could not live with out my PC and internet and I also partial to running water and electric.. maybe Mennonite??well let me know am i Frugal enough ???

good by baby *trey* aka Micah

well today i officially lost babyMicah. sill trying to cope with it all.. im just numb and am trying to focus on my two healty kids.

the denist from hell

well today i took my 3yrold princess to a "pediatric" dentist to have four teeth filled. and it all started out well they gave her some meds to make her loopy and some liquid demorall then they took her back and gave her the laughing gas. he cleaned them off and drilled out the wholes.she started screaming in pain then he realized he didn't give her the Novocain shots so he give them to her and try's again.. she is still pissed and crying screaming no no it hurts so they STRAP her to a board so she cant move and then he re-admins the Novocain and waits and few mins and finally gets the outside two filled and try's to start the two front ones and she is scared by the noise of the tool and is crying so he SCREAMS at her to LAY STILL and IT WILL BE OVER IF YOU WILL JUST LAY STILL.. and to STOP BUCKING LIKE A MULE.. i was pissed... he finally got them filled but instead of filling the two fronts separately he filled them together so now her 2 front teeth are like one big tooth. and it looks wired.. I'm so mad at my self for making her go and so PISSED that they let people like this work with kids.. We WILL NOT Be goin back to that jerk wad.. im so mad....and worried that she will be traumatized by this experience., they didn't even ask me if it was ok to strap her down.. and they wouldn't let me sit and hold her had to stand back to the side cause she kept pulling her legs out so one of the dental techs SAT on her legs to hold them down.I told them to just forget it but he said he had gone to far and couldn't..what a JERK!!!! Has anyone else had anything like this happen??

her teeth before
her getting the gas
her after the meds were kickin in ..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not me monday..

So as I m still laying here on the couch reading blogs I was checkin up on Stellan and see his mommy had written a very interesting blog and you can see it here.
So I have not enjoyed being waited on hand and foot by my sister and Hubby nope NOT ME!!Ive not taken advantage of not having to cook, clean or do laundry ..NOPE.. NEVER .. I m suzy freeking home maker and LOVE LOVE LOVE being my whole family's slave and to jump at their every whim.. I would never over fill my cloth diaper pail until they are falling out in to the bathtub and then wait one more day to wash them.. I would NEVER buy more prefolds because i was to lazy to wash the dirty ones..NOPE.. I would NEVER milk the bed rest as an excuse to get hubby to bring me my fav treats from sonic..nope not me.. see im an little angel.. My halo's being held up by my horns.. and my mouth is wraped about a strawberry slushy from sonic..heheh.. i would never never take the remote away from my 3 yr old and change the station in the middle of her fav show because im tired of watching it ..not never ever do anything mentioned above.nope NOT ME!!!

make the most of it..

well Ive been on bed rest since Friday night. and it sucks.. i hate not being able to do things my way .. Ive gotten a lot of crocheting done and snuggling the kids when im not sleeping, I m in so much pain that Ive been taking the pain meds the doc gave me and that makes me sleepy. I'm still bleeding heavily and passing huge blood clots, i go back to the doc at the end of this week for more blood test and and ultrasound to see if the baby is still alive or not.. i wonder if I'll ever stop bleeding.. this is like the period from hell..and I am so sore from laying here.well i guess i should stop complaining and realize that there are people out there worse off than me.. Please remember me in your prayers..

making my home sing 4th edition(a day late)

Making your home sing Mondays

Well since I'm on 100% bed rest, you can read why here. So my home is not singing in tune this week. My sister is here from Missouri to help me with the little ones since i can only be a spectator but Ive enjoyed the time to read a lot of story's with my kids, play several rounds of memory , chutes and ladders, and candy land with my 3yr old. and cuddle my 16month old.Ive also got a few crochet projects finished you can check them out here. SO nothing exciting goin on. Ive also gotten to sew on my cloth diapers, my machine is broken so im hand sewing them.. its not like i can do anything else.. i try to be hopeful and think that everything is OK with the baby and if not this is happening for a reason but sometimes i just cant.So I am trying to keep my mind off of it by blogging. Check out Moms the word, she has a great blog..

Sunday, May 3, 2009

bed rest

well ive been layin on the couch most the day , hubby and i went in to town and ate lunch and to visit the kids who are staying at my mother in laws so i can stay off my feet, and tonight we had a birthday party for my little brother who turned 20. He is very special to me, he has a few disabilities and since both my parents worked two jobs when i was little i basically raised him. He has cerebral palsy and aspergers syndrome which is on the autism spectrum. His birthday is acutally April 22 but since he live six hours away with HIS mother, i only see him once a month for our COURT ORDERED visitation, (long STory) the short version HIS mother is a bitch and tryed to keep us from seein him after my dad passed and she remarried her asshole new husband. anyways below are some pics of my father in laws fiance and my brother she made him a cake and we thru him a little party. i sat in a chair with my feet up obey doctors orders..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

friday photo flash back

Friday Photo Flashback

So I was reading thru the some of blogs I follow and on Mom's The Word i seen this and I thought it looked liked fun considering all Ive been thru today. Read my last post for that story, so the pics below are a montage of the me before kids.and since my 10yr class reunion is fast approaching im posting my SR pics..i wish i could have this body back.What happened? TWO KIDS IN 20 Months. Yup that will do it to ya. I got the button for this from this Alicia's Blog called More than words I reckon this was her idea first.

pray for our peanut.. PLEASE

so im on 100 % bedrest for the next 3 days b.c i am possibly losing the baby.another trip to the e.r tonight confirmed my worst pray for our little peanut and if GOD is goin to take our baby to do it swiftly and if he aint to heal my body quickly.If I loose this baby hubbys family will all be glad because they all say we dont" need " another baby.And all seemed very outraged we were expecting again. Well I dont really feel that it is their choice how many kids we have i think it is Gods.The only one who has any valid reason to be cocerned would be his dad who hubby's employer and that is understandable with work slow. Everyone else can just get over it. so i guess im goin to chill on the couch and crochet for the next few days.. and hope for the best, that our peanut makes it..