Thursday, February 26, 2009

settling down..

well the funk seems to have passed and the past few days have been ok.. last night we spent the night at my mother in laws cause dan is working on clearing away her damage left from the ice storm and reroofing her front porch. he likes to do little side job expecially if they are for his mommy.. he is the biggest momma's boy EVER..and she pays him well.. most the time better than his dad..and he works full time for the kids have been enjoying thier nanny time and ive been getting to crochet some .. so the world is balanced for a while..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


did you ever have a day when you just didn't feel like your self like you were in auto pilot only doing the very necessary things to get by.maybe it is a "jet lag" from to much excitement and anticipation and preparation of hubby going away for a week and then getting a reprive and having to unpack all we had prepared and being up late the past several nights either with a screaming child or insomnia.also have you ever worked your butt off to clean up your house and then an hour later it look worse than when you started ? do you ever feel like all you do is pick up after others (some are adults who COULD pick up after themselves) and never have any quality time with your significant other to discuss important things or just cuddle.or time for your self unless you stay up until all hours of the night after everyone else is asleep .. have you ever been so close to having a project completed and have all the supplies and money for anything else you might need to do it just cant seem to find the time or person with the know how to complete it.. ARRRR>. im so frustrated with life right now.. it seems that today all i feel like doing is sleeping or screaming maybe some crying.. i guess im just in a funk.. i hope it soon passes.. i hate feeling this away ..

Monday, February 23, 2009


dans dad called and said there was enought guys down there and he could work up here... so we are so happy .. i was goin to miss him so much and that would be the most we have ever been apart, since we were married.. ya.. i m so happy

choices choice

well today dan's dad asked him to go with him to benton ark, to work all week, we have been preparing most the weekend and im goin to miss him like crazy.. but he will make good money . just a little better than normal.. but we will miss him ,, im goin to bake his favorite cake and pack it his cooler of food and a note..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a new family memember

our critter family just got bigger today we got a female lop rabbit yet to be named.something with a L... our male bunny is Luckee.. any ideas?? here is her pic isnt she sweet..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

miah's heart

i have been following a couple blogs about hair fixing aka
and and she actually let me fix it for valentines day and i think it turned out really cute.. let me know what you think.


pics of my tulips and the heart i made for daniel..

the heart valentine i made daniel

purple tulips from the kids..

they are so pretty i love love love them..


the red ones..

Monday, February 16, 2009

valentines day and new life

well valentines day was wonderful this year because i got to do my two favorite things..dan and the kids got me my favorite flowers (tulips) in two colors, red and purple.I LOVE LOVE LOVE Them and i dont mind that they were 1/2 price and a day late they are so beautiful and when they die i'll plant the bulbs out front in my ever growing flower garden..and last night at 11:26 pm little Riley Lawrence Bell was born. He is my father in laws fiance's son's new baby .. we call them our almost family .. he is almost my nephew and SO cute.and little almost makes me want another..but i think of all the sleepless nights ahead of her and im not jelous that much anymore.he was 8lb 5.6 oz and 20 and 1/2 inches long..his little feet are so tiny.. ok enought baby talk.. and back to my vday . in my card i got $100.00 and my mother in law babysat while dan and i went to springfield and i ended up at hobby lobby and spend a good portion of it on yarn and a pattern book, and i bought the kids a few things and my self a few was great.. well that is all for now..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Finally the power came back on tonight.. im so glad but now i have a ton of house cleaning to do ,i have laundry out the wazoo, a fridge to clean out, and a sink of dishes and now the lights are back on i can see all the spots in the floor ive missed with the swiffer over the past 16 days. needless to say im goin to be BUSY tomarrow..also today four years ago i did a cray thing.. i met a man off the internet and he came to my apartment in ava , mo and we watched a movie and he spent the night.well i guess it wasn't a bad choice cause he is spending the night again tonight and tomarrow night and the night after that..hehe..Dan took me to Colton's and we had a awesome dinner alone with NO kids..thanks to my mother in law who took them to church with her.. we bought an awesome nascar movie i seen on cmt the other night. but i dont remember the name of it.. we had a good time.. well i have a todo list to write so i guess i should stop blogging..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

run run run

well today i went to town to paid some bills came home boiled water id hauled and washed the dishes.. it rained all day and was pretty yukcy.. i made chicken enchilada's for supper and crocheted a little on miahs skirt im making her.. i got an email from the lady who owns the yarn store in town and they offer classes and i found two im planning on taking plus once a month they have an open work night so that is this thursday so i think im goin to go.and leave dan to baby we have watched the move fireproof , started goin to church and doing the love dare our marriage has grown leap and bounds. it is 100 percent better,,it wasnt bad before he i just starting to see how some members of his family treats me and is finaly ready to tell them to knock it off or else.and with the money to finsh the house and weve gotten a few bills payed off and he is working on his "truck" so are both feeling better about life in general also ive made a friend who i get to visit with some so i dont feel so trapped adn isolated.well that is all for now .. im tired and think im off to bed.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

will the power ever come back on???

well lets see friday i got up pick up around the house and then loaded up my kids and went to visit my a few loads of laundry done , we came home endup goin to el charro in mh to eat supper , then out to my mother in laws house cause she has power and we stayed the up saturday morning and came home dan is trying to put the motor in his truck and spent most the day over at his dads (oh joy) and i got to see my favorite sister in law..bitch ..oh i mean beth.. the kids had alot of fun playing out side at what they call "papa's park" in the sandbox on the trampoline and swing set.. they drove the barbie jeep around the yard for a while and then we went to town to get more gas for the generator and came home..the kids went to bed and dan and i stayed up and watched the movie "Gran Terino" online it was really good.. this morning i woke up late cause dan had let the generator run out of gas so ive cleaned house all day .. i picked up the MOUNTAIN of laundry in my bedroom floor and made my bed.hauled all the dirty in to the bathroom,(that is where we keep it) and swept and mopped all the floors, ive been washing laundry all day and hangin it out on the lines out back.hopeing to try and start catching up .. ive folded and put away all the clean laundry in my room and have to put away what i washed friday, i cleaned the kids room up i sprinkled my bedroom carpet down with the cleaning stuff only to find my vacume cleaner wont work and im NOT hapy about that.. ive hated it since i bought the cheap ass thing.. i still have a sink full of dishes to wash.. well i beter get off here and get my dishes done.. i hope the power comes back on.. it has been 13 days with NO power, luckly the generator is now running almost everything except NO hot water and no dryer.. the pc, tv and microwave work and i can run the washer some.. im so done playing "settlers wife".. lucky for me i have a propane cook stove so i can cook just fine and it has been in the 60's so we dont have to run the furnace blower.. oh well this has happend for a reason i just dont know what that reason is yet..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

long day

oh well im off pick up the house.. our generator ran out of gas at 1 am this morning so i loaded the kids up and we went to my father in laws for the day , when dan got off work we went and got gas , when to the vile place and now home.. with the generator back up i can wash the dishes and pick up the house.. last night i baked cake mix cookies ..and they were really good.. i love to cook and bake but HATE to do the dishes.. i cant wait till my new kitchen is done and the dishwasher is in..well i have a lot to catch up on i figure i'll be up half the night..

the most vile place on earth..

well since we have been with out power since last tuesday that is 10 days.. id had quite a bit of laundry to do i gave in and agreed to load it up and take it the most vile place on earth.. the laundry mat.. that was the most disgusting place in the whole town of mountain home.. the people that were in there hadnt had a bath for at least a year and im surprised they had the money to be washing their clothes.. i thougth seriously of when they opened the washer doning some gloves and pushing them in it.. and dumping all the soap on their heads and sitting on the lid until it completed TWO i "let" dan wash his work close and dry them but REFUSED to let my childrens clotheing come out of the trunk or my clothes.a very good family friend has offered me the use of her washer and dryer and tomarrow im goin to take her up on that offer if she isnt busy.i pray that not all laundry mat's are not that gross.. i wouldnt even let the kids play i made miah sit onmy lap and i put gus in the empty laundry basket.. it was a tall one and he could stand up or sit down i brought a few books and toys in for them to play with thank god we werent there long.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

still NO power

ahh.. im so tired and worn out.. i would not have made a very good settlers wife.. i hate boiling water to do dishes, give baths ect.. the generator we have eats gas like a fat chick does big macs.. wait.. i think im craving a big mac..LOL.. still NO power, water or phone.. it did work now it dont. but my dsl works.. figure that one out... and when i went out to put wood in the stove a little bit ago i steped on a board witha rusty nail on it and it went strait in to my big toe.. hurts like hell .. i put soem terpentine on it since im allergic to the tetnis shot.. so now im sitting with my foot so trying to keep a postive attitude..but that is difficult when you have 10 bucks to your name and are almost out of everything ie, gas for the generator, gas in the car, all the food in the fridge is ruined and what is ok in the fridge and freezer is microwavable and you cant use that with out power..ahh... me screaming in frustration) im so ready to move to some where WAY warmer.. it is so cold in here.. my finger are numb just from typing .. but i guess i 'll get some crocheting done.. im reposting this on myspace and my other blog.. so you dont have to read it more than once..