Saturday, January 31, 2009


well we finally got the house in somewhat a clean state .. hard to do with no running water and all the mud and slush being tracked in.. ive givin up on mopping everytime someone tracks something in..we went to walmart to get a few things and that was crazyness. there was a ton of ppl there and we got what we needed and we ate supper at pizza hut it was a really nice family dinner just the kids and dan and i .. miah was so funny she told the waitress.. i want pepperonizees .. it was so grown up .. well im heading to bed im so tired..

ice ice.

well Monday night it started sleeting and icing, we have been with out power since Tuesday afternoon and with out phones since Wednesday morning. Ricky(My father in law) loaned us his spare generator Wednesday and we have been using it.. we have been over at his house alot the past few days cause he has a bigger genorator than us and we can take showers over there.. so far my two favorite sister in laws..aka. beth and ashley jane have been socialable. and daniel has been home from work since tuesday.. ive enjoyed the extened weekend but am SO ready for himto go back to #1 we need the income and #2 he is driveing me CRAZY..short he has really helped with the house work and let me sleep in the mornings and got the kids changed and breakfast in the mornings that was nice. night before last my mother in law came and stayed with us cause she had no heat , power or water and it was really cold at her house.. so the kids have been really good and miah has slowing starting to go to bed easier. so it has been a crazy week. hopefully the power company will get power back on soon.. they said it could be up to a month before everyone is back know you never realize how much water you use until you have none.. it has been a pain in then neck to have to haul water to flush the toilet, boil water to take baths or do dishes.. i know why the amish have ten kids they have to have that many to haul the water lol..well that is all for now . im glad we are all safe and thankful that (knock on wood) we only had minor damage from the tree's falling.. and we have a TON of fire wood posting some pics on myspace of all the ice stuff.. check them out

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the impending ice storm

well most ppl are totaly dreading the ice storm , im welcoming it with open arms.. i see it as an oppertunity to spend some quality family time with my hubby and kids that is if the hubby cant work. and as long as we have power we are golden, i have a propane cook stove so i can cook what i want the freezer, fridge and pantry are full, i have a full tub of yarn and 12 unread liabrary books so if we are trapped for a week that is fine buy me.. and if the power is out i have a lamp and can still crochet and read , also i have my pc and dish network so i good..if we have power.. i can get a jump on next years xmas projects and some up coming birthday projects for a few ppl so let it snow or ice or what ever.. i dont care.. i came home from gus's doctors appointment and ran several tubs of water just in case we lose power and i have well stocked supply of bottled water and lamp oil.we have a wood furnace and a ample wood pile.. so we are GOOD.. i hope everyone else can enjoy their family time.. and who knows.. maybe the kids will take a nap and dan and i will get some "alone" time.. who's to say there wont be a new strain kid next year..if we get trapped in..hehe.. a little Elliott Stetston McCrea Strain aka Eli or Aevah Mae Strain (Pronounced Ava ) or both.. my luck.. well it is two am i started reading a book and got wrapped up in it and finished it so i guess i should go to bed..

gus doctors appointment

i took Gus back for his recheck and he is 100 percent better no ear infection, no pneumonia and no bronchitis so we are back to the one maintenance inhaler in the am and pm for both kids.. YAY.. i hate it when my kids are sick.. Miah goes for her recheck on Feb. 3rd but i can tell she to is over the yuckies for now .. (KNOCK ON WOOD)

dam the walmart portait studio

SO on friday i made an appointment to get gus's one yr pics taken well on sunday our appointmetn was at four then we got the portrait place ..and the bitch working there really pissed me off.. i was goin to buy a "advertised package" of just gus and then have them take a pic of miah and a pic of them to together and she said i cant do that you have to buy a package and i can only sell you one package per family per promotion.. so dan's mom was there and i said cant she buy on package and i buy the other we are different family's and she wouldnt let us so i said "PISS ON IT we will go some where else she was being a pain in the ass and i plan on calling the customer service department .. so NO pics i am really disappointed cause we cant really afford to have them taken anywhere else.. i really wanted to have his one yr pics we did miah's. oh well i'll blog more when im not so ticked off.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

bargain shopping

well while the kiddies were at grammy's dan and hit all the local thrift shops to find bargains for kids clothes ...i found miah several pairs of jeans and a few tops and gus one outfit..and i got miah two pair of shoes..but mostley i had a really good time just enjoying dan's company.. we had lunch at subway and went to the liabrary and then out to get the kids later we have to go to his dad's so we will see how that goes..

pics of the kids room

the cleaned off front porch..much better if you had seen it before..

gus's "bed" we took the blinds down.. so no strangulation hazard anymore..

Miah's bed

their room is still a little messy from all the rearranging but you get the idea..

another view..more neglected laundry

Friday, January 23, 2009


well i woke up this morning on a mission , gussy has been sleeping in a pack n play in our room since we was born because his bedroom is not finished and we don't have room to put up a crib, well my friend was over the other day and suggested putting his "bed" in the room with his sister , because i was telling her how miah keeps getting out of her bed in the night and trying to get in ours. so there was a overall consensus how maybe she was lonely and feeling left out, so today i rearranged Dan and I 's room about four times and rearranged miah and gus's room , there is a toddler bed and a pack nplay in there along with a chest of drawers and a ton of toys, and i moved her changing table/four drawer dresser to our room and put it next to the one gus has that is its twin.. so in my room i have two chest of drawers , a china hutch , and two 4 drawered dressers and two night stand, and a pile of clean folded laundry i have neglected ALL week and really need to put away but am really dreading..tomarrow i m goin to try to clean out my car it is a total wreck, but my front porch looks awesome and so much better , i really need to take a few pics.. maybe i'll go do that in a bit, dan and i finaly have some peace and quite as the kids are at grammy's for the night.maybe we will get to.umm... SLEEP.. miah has refused to go to bed until the wee hours for several nights the past two weeks i have no idea why then she get up and gets in our bed.. drive me crazy , cause she doesnt just snuggle up and go to sleep she is a cover theiving turn side ways and kick you out in the floor kid, the other night poor dan, our bed is pretty close to his dresser and he leaves the bottem drawer open cause it is just easier that way and no one can get around to that side of the bed anyway and his dad built this massive thing the drawers are like 2 feet deep and like four feet long and three feet wide,and it is filled with his work pants, well miah had kicked him off the bed and i woke up and he was half in the drawer it was SO funny.. and half on the edge of the bed..he prolly had like literally five inches of bed that was it.. so we will see how them two sleeping in the same room pans out .. hopefully before long they will be in their new rooms..

staying busy,

well today i woke up with full intentions of tackling my two least favorite chores dishes and putting away the laundry , but i got a reprieve because as i was putting up the last of the groceries we had bought last night, it was late when we got home from walmart and i just put up the cold stuff, i noticed Dan had left his lunch on the table, so i called him and asked where he was working and it just happened to be at his dads. So i packed my self and the kids a lunch , repacked his and we took it to him, we spent most the afternoon at his dads , the weather was wonderful and his dad just put up a swing set and put in a sand box and they played outside and had a blast. then we came home, gus was having his nap and miah was playing out side and i cleaned off the front porch , did my dishes , cooked supper but still didnt put up the laundry, i need to do that, i dread going thru miah's drawers she has recent out grown most her clothes and is in a 3T so i need to go shopping and find her some jeans and tops .. i hate purging the drawers.but i LOVE shopping...maybe i'll go bargain hunting tomarrow or saturday ...well im off to bed im sure tired for not to have done much today ..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

work out shemerk out...and improvements

well today was highly productive as far as house work and working out, it just seems i have a hard time finding seems i either have time to work out or do my daily when i miss a day i try to play catch up. and i seem to be doing more working out then what i call working up .. i know that i having my alone time with the lord everyday is important and i should put him first but like myself lately he has been put on the back burner. although we have made it to church the past four Sunday's in a row.. ( a new world record for us)and Daniel and i bought the book the love dare from the movie fireproof.. if you haven t seen it ..i would DEFINATLEY recommend it.. it is a awesome movie filled with wonderful advice.. i m also reading several books on becoming a better wife and mother.while i dont really feel im lacking in those area's despite some unimportant ppls options that i wish they would keep to them selves or stickit where the sun don't shine, i feel there is always room for one is perfect (except my two kids) so i m reading love and respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and The surrendered wife by Laura Doyle, the Love Dare is written by Stephen and Alex kendrick.and trying to make more time for the hubby and i to be alone. even though i stay home all day im finding there is always something that needs done..honestly i dont see how moms that work out side the house do it. keeping house is full time job.. while i complain about being shut in sometime and at times wish i had a job, then i could shop more but that is my addiction.. shopping.. i still need to work on that one.. maybe next yrs resolution after i lose the i 'll cut down the shopping.. i cant stop eating and shopping at the same time that would insure definite failure..anyway back to the previous topic.. i m managing to keep the house picked up and the dinner on the table most nights by the time dan is home from work , the laundry some what caught up and finding time to crochet , read and work out..and blog.. also learning to let some things go.. i have a big problem with having high expectations and expecting Daniel to read my mind Ive got to communicate clearly what i want and expect if it is goin to meet those expectations.. i set my self up for disappointment then i "Rage" and blame him..we have been doing much better at this by taking a few minutes each night to discuss how our days went and anything we need to talk about.even thought we have been thru some tough times in the past almost four years something that hasnt changed is ever since i moved in with daniel EVERY morning before he leaves for work he kisses me good by .. he has NEVER missed a morning.. even if im not awake he still does it and he ALWAYS kisses me when he gets home and we ALWAYS kiss matter what has happend between us or to us during the day.. i think it is sweet.. when tommiah was born we got in trouble because he crawled up in my bed in the night and i was holding tommiah on my chest and we fell asleep the nurse came in and about freaked out.. she was all like one person per bed.. it was funny.. cause the next night he slept next to me another funny thing i remember while we are on the hospital thing is when gus was born i had called for the nurse like five times.and no one was coming so Dan was holding gus in his arms and miah was tagging along behind him and he went to walk across the hall to the nurses station and they had a coniption..they said sir you cant carry that baby down the hall he has to be in the little rolly bed.. i was like HELL .. it aint like he aint carried a baby before and it was all of maybe 10 room was right across from the nurses desk.. but it did get their attention..LOL and i got my pain meds.. fast.. OK enough rambling for one post

Monday, January 19, 2009

my big boy and sick kids

well i took Miah back to the doctor and her ear infection is gone but now she has pneumonia and still a little we are on another round of anitibiotics and steriods and still doin the inhalers.Gus is done with all his meds except the occasional dose of cough meds at night and his daily inhaler(s). and today gus was playing in the living room floor and stood up and started walking .just about five steps..from the couch to the was so so tired.. miah was up till 2 am .. i dont know why she wouldnt go to bed.. i tryed everything i knew to do .. short of a shot of nyquill or wiskey.. finaly she went to sleep .. then the little turd was up at 8:30 am ..i coulda beat her with a wet noodle.. i convinced her to clime in my bed and we slept till about 1oish.. the we got up and got ready for her doctors appointment. came home cooked supper and went to dan's dads.. no drama there tonight thank god.. and then home for baths and they are both in thier beds and it is 9 pm.. whoo hoo.. i might get to bed by midnight tonight. i hope im so TIRED.. and i have a ton of house work to do tomarrow. i have a sinkfull of dishes to wash , sweep and mop all the floors and vacume our room, change the sheets on our bed and miahs bed , i changed gus's this am when he dumped my water glass all over his. and then fold and put away three loads of laundry and wash two loads dry and put them away .. so i have a pretty ful day ..

Sunday, January 18, 2009

gus is starting to walk a little

my BABY has taken several steps this week.. while im not in a hurry for him to walk like i was with tommiah i do kinda dread it.. i know those two will be in to everything.. (like they aint already)...he took one step to his nanny, and three towards his daddy.. and tonight one step towards a toy he was wanting.. the first four steps he took while"dancing" with a wiggles movie.. crazy me ran to walmart and bought a wiggles dvd to play during the day hoping he would take more steps.. he is growin up so fast.. i cant believe he is one.. and after visiting some friends who just had a baby today at the hospital i really think i want another baby..dan and i have talked about it..really it wouldnt be that much more expensive by the time the new baby would get here miah would be potty trained and we are already buying two kinds of diapers so that wouldnt change and gus would be eating what we eat and we are currently still buying some baby food so that wouldnt change either.. and since we have both a boy and a girl and i have kept almost all their baby clothes i wouldnt have much to buy.and since we have NO problem getting prego i figure it will be about a month after i stopped my pills till i was again.. heck i ve gotten prego twice on the pill .once with gus and once a month ago when i had my miscarriage..and gus will be 2 by the time the new baby would be born..i guess i have baby fever .. maybe it will pass.. if not i'll be diggin out the ole maternity clothes.. i figure if god wants you to have kids he will give them to you when he wants you to have them... and if you cant have them on your own maybe he thinks you dont need them.. i dont think you should play god and be insiminted like a cow.. but maybe that is because i get prego so easy with out even trying to really .. if i had a hard time i might change my mind.. but since ive been consistantly going to church and dan and i have been studing the bible more by reading it every night he blesses some ppl with kids and some with out.. i think you should follow god's plan and not your own selfishness..well im off to bed im tired..

some ppls children part 2

.we went to Ricky's today so dan could cut some wood. Rosie, Ashley jane and i went shopping in mh today and that was fun.. we went back to Ricky's and we had left the kids at my mother in laws last night cause she wanted to keep them today while we cut wood.. so i had called her to see when she wanted us to come get them and she said she was going to town anyway and would just bring them up cause she wanted to go for a drive and i said that was fine... well when we got back to dan's dads after unloading the wood as soon as we walked in the first thing out of Beth's mouth was where are you kids? i said they are having a nanny day but are on their way up .. Ashley jane said why is my mom bringing them all the way up here? i said when i offered to come get them she wanted to take a drive and wanted to bring them up there so i said OK.. well they both rolled their eyes.. Ashley bell (Andy's wife) is due just any day and the conversation drifted to the fact that she was watching a water birth on TV and Steven said why would you want to watch that ?? she said to prepare herself.. and i said you can watch all the tv you want but NOTHING prepares you for birth and Beth said "what going to sleep and having it cut out ya that is really hard.. try pushing one out.. " i said my first baby was born natural NO EPIDURAL.. and Steven said " tommiah was born natural ? i said NO my first hubby and i had a stillborn baby and he was delivered natural ..then Beth started laughing really hard and i said what is so dam funny? and she said nothing and then ran out of the room.. OMG i could have beat the hell out of that bitch.. so dan and i left.. we ended up calling his mom and met her in town and ate out . but anyway thought it was VERY rude that Beth laughed at me.. it really pissed me off.. i don't laugh in her face that she cant become pregnant with out $25,0000 and three months worth of trips to little rock ..I told dan he should say something to her but he didn't and say's "i don't know what to say to her" .. im like WHAT THE HELL?? am i over reacting or not? what would you expect your significant other to say to his sister if she said something like that to you ? im so pissed.. off.. ahhhhhh..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

dam that denise austin

well i did all my house work except the dishes cause the water is frozen in the kitchen, so i had to carry it in pitchers from the bathroom up front..there is just something wrong about and i got in my work out.. i feel really good after i work out but sometimes when i m in the middleof it i just want to slap the hell out of that anorexic looking denise austin and tell her to go eat a dam steak. but it must be working cause ive lost 10lbs since sunday give or take a lb or 2.depending on the time of day..iv been kinda following the alli diet plan but with out the pills.. 1800 calories a day and 30 grams of has been harder to stay with in the fat grams than it has with colories.i seem under on them and over on my fat.. everyday so i just work out hard and hopefully by july i'll be a much healthyer looking.. dan dont care that im fat and i dont care but my 10 yr is coming up and all the high school b.s is rearing its ugly head i dont wanna be the one they all say OMG she is SO FAT.. iwant to say that about some one ok that was mean but hey i m honest.. i m also crocheting quickly on a baby blanket for a friend i have to have it done by monday and still have several squares left plus puttingit together and edgeing it ..i will take a pic when im done so you can all tell me how wonderful it just kidding.. well im off to eat my nofat low cal plain popcorn and drink my water..FUN FUN>.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hangin out

well yesterday i got up did my normal house cleaning then the kids and i went with my good friend leigha in to town and hung out and talked about "girl" stuff.. i had the best time..i dont get to hang out with anyone very much so it was much needed and enjoyed time away from the house even with the i got the house all cleaned up and the dishes all done and a butt load of laundry done.but ive been distracted all day and my thougths have been with my friend leigha and her family as today is the 7th birthday of her recently passed little boy jake.i remember how hard that first birthday with out matthew and all those old emotions are so raw..i thougth i had somewhat moved on and was dealing with it but this whole jake experience has brought up all those things, and brought back up the pain of losing my dad. jake was a very special and wonderful boy. He willb e greatly missed by any and everyone who knew pray for them and that god gives them comfort and a special blessing on this day ..

Monday, January 12, 2009

update on gus..

well we took Gus back to the Dr. and the pneumonia is gone but the ear infection and bronchitis remain. so we are on another round of antibiotics, steroids and still doing the inhalers . where to start.yesterday at church the message was about how christians start to doubt them selves sometimes and wonder if they are still saved or not.. so the preacher had everyone bow their heads and if they wanted to repeat the salvation prayer that is in the bible, I m pretty sure dan said it.. then later in the message the preacher said sometimes married couples forget our promises to each other and the vows we made before god, so he had all married couples stand and repeat their vow, i just hope that what happened when we got married the first time doesnt repeat its self .. tommie-kate was born 10 months to the DAY we got married.. june 11, 2005 , herbday is april 11, 2006, but if it does oh well another blessing from god and a nother baby to love. sometimes i think i want more and some days i m good.. speaking of miah she still has her ailments her ear infection is better and neither of them are wheezing very much.. so that is good. well that is all for now..

Sunday, January 11, 2009


well we went bowling with my mother in law and Ashley Jane last night .. it was a lot of fun.. we got up this morning and went to church , the over to his dad's for about 30 mins. the home.. i am in the process of making my grocery list so we can go get that done for the week who knows..

Friday, January 9, 2009

back from oz...

well we got my brother taken home , i got to visit with my sister and my aunt , uncle and two cousins, rosie kept miah and gus went with me . i got to shop at my favorite thrift store ( i love to shop and bargain shopping especially).and then came home we went dan's dad and had really good gumbo and both kids went to sleep on the way home so we were in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night..dan was up at 5 am .. i slept till 8 am.. got up did all my house work by 10 am except a sink full of dishes and two loads of laundry I'll tackle this weekend.. i took miah back to the doctor , that is 3 trips this week.. to get more meds.. cause she is getting more croupy sounding but her wheezing and ear infection were better. i took to the wic office and filed the paper work to renew his health insurance. he has been diagnosed as milk intolerant so we had to see the nutritionist and dietitian so wic would let him have formula for another month.. and he has to go back next month to see them again.but he was 25 lb and 32 inches tall and in the 90-95% of his he is growing good.. after we got done at the wic office we went to the park to play and wait on dan to get off work.. we had went and had lunch with him today. when he got off work we went to wal- mart and did our shopping and then out to his mom's where we are now.. his sister Ashley jane is out here and she has been almost sociable only one or two snide remarks and dirty looks..tomorrow the antiques roadshow is in mtn.home and i am taking a Budweiser clock i got from my dad to see what it is worth if is priceless to me. and in the afternoon dan and i are going to Springfield, MO to see a friend ive not seen in like four yrs.. and to toysrus..and maybe the mall and bass pro. well it is bed time.. gn

Thursday, January 8, 2009

another comparison

a pic of gus and his daddy..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

off to see the wicked witch of the north..

well as most of you know i don't get along with my mother, but tomorrow i will have to deal with her as i take my little brother back. he has been with us all week since last Thursday and he has been a great help to me with the kids and the house..tonight tommiah is being especially difficult and not going to bed.. she is about to drive me nuts today .. she wont listen to nothing i say.. Ive almost had it with her. i didn't do to much today , i washed a load of laundry and did a few dishes.. then tonight Dan and i went to town for a few things.. and i have packed for the six hr car ride tomorrow and wrote out instructions for Rosie on miah's inhalers cause she is keeping her tomorrow.I hate it when the kids are sick.. they are so different than when they are well. i need calgon to take me away..

do my kids look like thier daddy?

gus in on left and dan on right
dan at 1 yr miah at 1yr.. they dont look alike do they???

gussy is bad sick..

well i had to take gus back to the doctor and they put him on another med.. a cough medicine... and he is feeling a little better.. his cough was alot worse last night and today he was coughing up a little blood so i called and they wanted to see him. so i gathered up all the toys and disinfected them and put them all back up ..i got some house work done today.. i managed to make the bed vacume the floor, clean the bathroomup swept and moped all the floor, did a big sink full of dishes, cleaned the kitchen all up ,then took gussy to the dr.. camehome made home made cashew chicken and then baked two loafs of bread then did the toys that is all for now..

a few pics of the kids..

he is such a happy baby...
my little annie oakley ..
her "serious" face..
her fav thing to to at grammys
i love this pic of gussy.. he is soo funny

Monday, January 5, 2009

sick kids

well i took miah and Gus to the doctor today and the news was OK but not great.. gussy has a ear infection and a little touch of pneumonia in both lung and was put on 2 additional inhalers he already takes albuterol every 2 hrs when he is sick now he is on 3 puffs of flovent every am and pm and atrovent every 4-6 as need for coughing and wheezing, he was really wheezy. so they also put him on a steroid (predisone) and a antibiotic (zithromyicne) ya i know im not spelling those right but oh well.. and i have to give him ibuprofen to help the inflammation and the pain of the sore throat he has and the fever.and miah has a bronchitis and and ear infection and is on the same antibiotic as Gus but a different dose and all the inhalers and some prescription cought medicine called has hyrocodone in it.. she can only have 1/4 a teaspoon it is that powerful but it works.. the had a bath with lots of steamy air trapped in the bathroom and that helped some.we got lotioned up and jammies on and they are out like a light since about 11 pm. so i got absolutely nothing done today on the house.i guess tomarrow will be filled with double duty house work wise.i have laundry piled up load to wash two to dry , (one load in washer now) that will make three loads to fold and then four to put away , i have one load already folded. a sink full of dishes and i need to sweep and mop all the wood and laminate floors , vacume the bedroom carpet. I HATE CARPET and cant wait to rip it out and replace it with something else.but after the addtion is done. i have non parishable groceries to put up,and toys in the living room to pick up .well that is all for now im really tired cause gus was up most the night..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunday ,

well i never did get her to lay down.. but i did get her to go in her room to play for about an hour so i got to lay down and rest . then we got up and went to Ricky's and hung out.. Ashley Jane was sociable and baked some pretty good brownies.. tomorrow im goin to bake some bread and take gus to the doctor for his weezing.. last night i had to elivate the head of his bed and give him is breathing treatment every two hrs so not a lot of sleep. i gave him some meds tonight for his syptoms , runny nose and cough..maybe i can get miah to bed with out a big fight.. im tired..

my little "prinecess"

well we got up about 10 am .a little late for sunday school but just in time for regualar church we got there just in time..we came home and i cleaned up the living room and kitchen , cooked hamburgers and fries and put gussy down for a nap and am fixing to put miah down cause she is so grumpy and whinny.. that is all for now.. dan is working on putting insulation under the addition.. and in the celing.. i think after i get her down for a nap i will read or crochet for a bit..

new years resolutions..

well a new year and new opportunity to make my life better. Last year my only resolution was to not have a baby this past year. since i had given birth in both 06 and 07 , i thought i should take 08 and even thought i did have a early term miscarriage the last week of DEC i technically didn't have a baby. so i was very proud to have for the first time stuck to a resolution.. and did it.. this year with my 10 yr class reunion coming up in July i thought i should try to finally shed the baby weight that has been nagging me the past year.. and to be more consistent in my church attendance and daily devotions. to be a better wife and play more with the kids..i spend a lot of my day cleaning and cooking.only two hours or so playing or reading to them.also to get on a budget and stick with it.. i would like to lose a total of 50lbs.. i have been eating less and more healthy foods so i think with any increase in my daily activity thru playin more with the kids,and adding a exercise program.. so wish me luck.. i am reading a book called love and respect, i am learning a lot about how a wife should treat a husband based on verse in the bible and how a man should treat his wife.Dan and i have a good marriage but like any couple we have our "crazy cycle's "or up and downs.. so i thought maybe i could learn something in this book to reduce the amount and frequency of them.. and with any luck to potty train miah .. she will be three in April it is time.. and to wean gussy of the bottle to a cuppy. maybe i am to ambitious.. anyway i have stuck to my exercises and devotions so far this week.. but there are 51 more weeks.. so we will see. how it goes..

some peoples children...

well my day started off pretty normal.. did the morning routine, Dan went out and began replacing the master cylinder and brake lines cause the one in the back was worn out, then bled the lines. we went to town to the library and to the parts store to return the master cylinder core then to dan's moms so he can fix her furnace, he fixes it and we go to walmart then that is when the drama started..we went to ricky's and beth and steven were there with colton. they were dinking and playing cards with a few others(some where drinking others that were there werent)and colton was running wild , no one was really watching him, he snuck up stairs and threw a three tiered rolly cart filled with bath and body stuff and makeup and books down the stairs.. and then they were all three, gus miah and colton playing in the living room and gus was at the toy box, right in front of hte window that the view from the living room on to the porch where beth was sitting and gus was gettting a toy out and colton ran over there and said no no gus.. and shoved him backwards hard.. i had enought of him pickin on miah and gus everytime we are over there he is kicking,punching, biteing,hittine pinching miah. and beth does NOTHING about it .. it is one thing to pick on miah cause she more his size but to push gus down was another story, so i busted his ass..ok .one small swat to his butt. no one else was goin to and if they dicplined him in the first place he wouldnt act that kids dont act that way .. and why becuase we dicapline them.maybe i shouldnt have whiped him but they dont even say anything to him when he acts out.. so i heard ashley jane say to beth..omg.. mistie just whiped colton..and beth said she shouldnt whip him.. i figured she was goin to say something and then the fight was goin to be but she was to concerned with her poker game and crown and coke to even get up or send her beer drunk husband to see why he was crying ten mins. later when he fell backwards off a riding toy down a step he was trying to ride up .. when he went up stairs the first time Dan went and got him and the same this time dan picked him up and seen he was ok..they just laughted and kept playing.. kinda pissed me off, she says im a bad mom but i dont get drunk or even drink in front of my kids and let them run free all over hell's half acre to reek havick.then get up sunday morning and pretend to be sister christain to all my fake ass friends who i think i am better than cause i have a new house car and big screen..EEERRRR>. i just want to smack her everytime i am aroudn her.. wello k enought of the bitching..sorry i just need to vent.. i try so hard to be nice to her.. but this time i dont care if i pissed her off.. she can make her kid mind or kiss my big white butt.. and god help her if she mouths off to me.. lol..
so if you havnet figured it out .. dan's sisters and i dont get along that great.. ashley jane and i used to get along ok but that is before she started acting like beth.. after a while beth and steven took poor little misstreated colton home to bed and we came home also. i finaly got the kids to bed and got a shower and time to write next is my devotional and bed.. with anyluck i will wake up in time to get the crew ready and off to church ontime.. .

Friday, January 2, 2009

busy busy friday

well today wasn't anything special just a typical day . wake up change a couple diapers , have breakfast , give baths, get dressed , turn on cartoons and then my real work began, stripping all the sheets of the beds and cramming them in the washer ,putting clean sheet on the beds , making them.picking up all the dirty clothes, sweeping and mopping,cleaning the toilet, tub and counters. i finished all the dishes, got the table cleaned off , the stove cleaned up and folded and put away laundry.. for once the only dirty laundry is what we wore today about a half a load, i also had time to do my 20 minute workout , time to do my new daily devotion, and bake a dozen chocolate chip cookies, then i fixed lunch, and put the kids down for their nap, Gus took one and Miah played in her room, then i crocheted some on my new project. then i did more dishes and watched some TV. Dan brought home pizza for supper so i had no more dishes..YAY.. thank you Dan.. around 9:30 Miah went to bed with out a fight.that is unusual..lately she has been quite difficult to get in to bed.. Gus is not feeling well so he is still up . we are doing the inhalers. Miah takes a flovent inhaler every am and pm weather she is sick or not. when she is coughing and wheezing she has albutrol every 2hrs and atrovent every 4 hrs, Gus is only on albuterol every 2 hrs when sick.they both have severe asthma. the were on singular granules but i took them off after i was noticing severe side affects in Miah and deiced it was in their best interest to take them both off it. and the side effects have completely disappeared with no long term effects. and now i have time to blog before bed.. overall a productive day. laters..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

my first blog...

well this is my first blog on an actual blogging site other than on my myspace page im a blogging virgin.i think i should start this blog and give a brief history of me and my family. Where to start.. I'm 28 yrs old five ten have blond hair blue eyes. I grew up in Mtn.Grove,MO after high school i went to college at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M college in Miami,Oklahoma for 2yrs and am one credit froma degree in Ag Econ with a minor in Early childhood ED.In high school and college i was a cheerleader, in the marching band and in high school ran track.After College i Married a man and we moved to st.louis and ran a finanical services business but that marriage ended because of abuse, this abuse cost me the life of my first baby. Matthew Aaron Christopher was still born on Feb,14th 2003 He weighed 3lb and 4oz and was 15 inches long. He was cremated and his ashes spred on my daddies farm. we divorced in oct of 2003. And now i am married to the love of my life, His name is Dan.. We have two wonderful kids Tommie-Kate and Gussy.Dan works for him self as a framing carpenter and I am a Stay at home mom and I love it. I have one brother who is almost 20 and has special needs, he has cybral palsy and asbergers sydrome. I also have one sister is 24 and goin thru a divorce. My dad passed away the morning of my wedding June 11, 2005 and im still not over losing him.Tommie-Kate is named after him.. She was born April 11, 2005 ten months to the day we were married .I know my daddy sent her to me she is my angel girl.My mom is a wench who remarried a jerk and then sold my brothers inheritance to buy her self a new truck and can kiss my big white butt.I only deal with her once a month when i go to pick up my brother for our court ordered visition.that is the only way the we can see him.. the court had to ORDER it.. she wants nothing to do with her only two grandkids or my sister or myself. So ive kinda adopted dan's family as my own. His mom Debbie is WONDERFUL and a huge help with the kids, they go and stay alot of the weekends with her. Dan works as a subcontractor with his dad's construction company and when he retires i think dan will inherit it. His name is Ricky and his fiance is Rosie ( his parents are divorced). Dan has two sisters Beth who is 25 i think and is married to Steven and they have a little boy Colton who is one month younger than Tommie-Kate. and Ashley Jane who is 16, Neither of which do i get along with very well.Rosie is a wonderful person and I love her to death. I have two almost step sibling in laws (rosies kids) Andy her son and his wife Ashley Bell are expecting a baby boy in feb 09. and Tina his sister his married to a guy name matt and is no good pot head but that is another what else.. i cant forget our little boy Gussy he just turned a year old on Dec.10 and is cruising along the furniter and standing up by his self.He also has six teeth and USES them.. Tommie-Kate is so smart ..she can count to ten and knows most her colors, body parts all the sounds the animals in the barn yard and jungle. well that is all for now.. any questions just ask.. and thanks for reading..