Monday, June 22, 2009

baby name options.. updated.. PLEASE HELP

ok so we have picked out a possible first names if our new baby is a little girl, Maelynn.Mayanna, or Mayah We are thinking Lorene for a middle name after my grandma. and we have discussed Gabe and Eli for a little boy ? Stetson James will be the middle name for a boy .. so leave your suggestions..

menu planning monday

well things are busy at my house as it is summer time and we live so close to the lake so i made a menu but lately we dont always use them.. check out other menus a I'm an Organizing Junkies blog.

Breakfast- cereal and toast
Lunch- Bacon Sandwiches
Supper- Pork chops and squash bake

Breakfast-bagel and fruit
Lunch- PB &J
Supper- Sloppy Jo and Chips

Breakfast-Oatmeal and toast
Lunch- ramen noodles
Supper- Meatloaf , mashed taters, brocoli and cheese

Breakfast-eggs and sausage
Lunch- raviolies
Supper- cashew chicken

Breakfast-grits and bacon
Lunch- left overs
Supper- eat out..

making your home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the Make you home sing meme hosted by Moms the word. Check out her blog to see what other homes are singing about here.

so what am i doing to make my home sing.. We put the final coat of paint on Gussy's room and the first coat on our room.. so today we are putting a touch up coat on our wall and putting up Gussy's border, also i m decluttering a horribly mess area in my living . we have recliner that is right behind the front door and the area between the wall and chair is stuff with only god know what, shoes, yarn, dirty socks, clothes, toys, books, pacifiers,lost sippy cups and that is just what i can see poking it is driving me nuts and i am goin to have to clean it out.. please pray that nothing crawls out and bites me.. my home is mostly clean but always cluttered as we have four adults and 2 toddlers in a 12x48 trailer and a remodel ya we are little cramped..

ok update .. i got that decluttering done and have posted a pic below of the "organized mess" for some reason there are a billion shoes in our house..

my chocolate bed room that i LOVE!!!

gussy's mossy oak camo boarder

gussy's army green room ..actually called sweet annie from lowes.. i also LOVE it

more chocolate and a betterlook at the true color of gussy's room

my merlot living room and balsm beige trim.. i also love it..

a pic of the organized mess..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback..

so it is friday and time for Friday Photo Flashback Check out Alicia's blog for more flashbacks SO who do my kids look like mommy or daddy? I m anxious to see who the baby i am caring will look like.. YES news flash.. i miscarried a baby on may 6th , and am already expecting again. so let me know what what you think.. and gosh hubby was such a cutie back then ..1981 my how the years fly by.. his birthday was yesterday the 18th he is now 28.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY!!

me at about 1 yr old

miah at 1 yrold

hubby at 1 yr old

gus at 1 yr old

Monday, June 15, 2009

not me monday

so it is time not me monday , make sure and check out MckMama's Blog.

So I would never trick my kids in to Playing in their rooms while i put up the baby gate and then go lay on the couch to rest, NOPE not me..

I would never be excited to be expecting again.. only one month after my miscarriage.
also i would NEVER secretely hope im have twins..NOPE NOT ME..
I NOT upset that hubby is out of town again this week.
I would NEVER wait until the last minute to bake his birthday cake.
I also would never put my 18 month to bed 30 min early so i could spoil my 3 yr old. (she is NOT having a tough time and Missing her daddy while he is gone). I would never had her a paint brush while i was NOT painting gussy;s room and let her go to town on the white wall . I would also never paint her hand and foot and stick them to the wall and then take pics and i would NEVER post them online? NOPE NOT ME!!!


as most of you know last month i was expecting a baby and i miscarried it.. well i got the shock of a life time when i went to the doctor on Friday .. so with much hesitation i am goin to share with you my news.. I am once again expecting .. this baby will be due in Feb sometimes, I am only around 3 weeks so I am the only person I know who gets pregnant 2x in the same month.. I hope this baby goes full term. I am so excited but apprehensive as well

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

SO check out Mom's the Word for a great blog about expectations

So what is making my home sing this week? Well we finally got the ceilings in our new bedroom and sons room textured and the walls primed and today i painted the walls in Gussy's room.. so i cant wait for hubby to come home and lay the sub floor and flooring so we can move in.. i wish i knew how to do it so could just do it.. also im finally all caught up with my house work i have a small sink of dish's ,a half pail of diapers to launder and some to put away but other than that im all caught up .yay.. so i guess my home is singing but one member of the choir is gone this week working away again.. i m not happy about but we are makinging .. but darn it i miss him. and OH YA.. check out my BIG ANNOUCEMENT BLOG .. here

menu planning monday

So hubby is out of town again.. and im not not happy about it so we are adjusting to this new routin.but while im fixing for just the three of us , check out some more menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie's blog.

breakfast-grits fruit
lunch -sandwiches , chips
supper-meat loaf , mashed taters, cheesy corn

breakfast-ceral toast
lunch -mac n cheese
supper-peppered steak

breakfast-bagel , fruit
lunch -sketti 0's
supper-home made cashew chicken

breakfast-Waffels, bacon
lunch -stuffed ravioli and salad
supper-chicken enchiladas

breakfast-eggs and sausage
lunch -left overs
supper-eat out .. for hubby's birthday (it is thursday but he wont be home )

Happy Homemaker Monday


(For more Happy Homemaker's click on image above
Thanks Sandra for hosting this meme)

The weather in my neck of the woods:
Is HOT and HUMID..

One of my simple pleasures:

On my bedside table:
crochet today and crochet magazine, the cordless phone and a ball of yarn

On my TV
Play house Disney .

On the menu for tonight:
meat loaf , taters and corn

On my To Do List:
take gus for his 18 month check up
get propane tank exchanged so i can cook
paint gus's room

New Recipe I tried last week:
well i didnt make it but we tried those digorno flat bread pizza's and they were not so great..

In the craft basket:
An Afghan for my yarn clubs charity event , a hat for the same event, a baby blanket for my hubbys cousins new baby,all crocheted things.

Looking forward to:
Hubby coming home Thursday from working out of of town all week.And giving him is birthday present ..

Homemaking Tip for this week:
this is not a breaking new type of thing but i get over whelmed easily so i noticed if i do a little everyday and not let it pile up it is easier to keep clean and doesn't take all my time.and i do what i call a once over in every room every day but i also pick one day aweek for a good cleaning if the room needs it..i also do a load of laundry every day but am terrible in the fact that i never fold or put it way until thursdays..

Monday -kitchen and living room,
Tuesday -kids room and hall
Wednesday - bathroom and our room
Thursday -change all the sheets and laundry.
Friday -after my once over it is MOMMAS DAY OFF!!! and i do my baking.. but mostly yard saling and thrift storing..

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
a blog called The Cloth Diaper Whisperer about the care and cleaning of cloth diapers.. everyone can learn sometime new everyday ..

Favorite photo from last week:
i actually have 3, one is of my and hubby on our aniv. one of my little girl and one of my little boy with is his papa.

Lesson learned the past few days:
I can live with out seeing my hubby everyday. a lesson i was forced to learn as he was out of town all week for work and gone again this week, hopefully this is the last week of that manure.

On my Prayer List:
the soldiers fighting for our country
my friend brandy and her hubby mike
my other family and friends
my unborn baby growing in my belly.

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
Psalms 127

Friday, June 12, 2009

friday photo flashback..

Friday Photo Flashback
Check out Alicia's Blog for more Flashbacks..

so i guess the theme is prom pics.. well my Jr prom was 11yrs ago and Sr prom 10 yrs ago.the blue dress is Jr year and my date is Aaron .. and my lavender dress is sr yr and that guy is named Jeremiah..i still have contact with both occasionally.The blue dress was hand made by a close family friend and i bought the other one. i still have them both and NO i cant still fit..

Friday fill ins

check out other friday fill ins here we go!

1. I grew up thinking my dad would always be there.

2. Facebook was the last website I was at before coming here.

3. Why don't you just stay home this weekend and finish your laundry?

4. Crocheting helps me relax.

5. Thanks for the Beautiful sunflowers tonight honey.

6. having hubby gone all week was very off-putting.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending time with my hubby for our anniversary , tomorrow my plans include going away just hubby and i and Sunday, I want to pick up my kids from my mother in law!

Monday, June 8, 2009

im back ..sort of

well ive been mia sorta the past week or so its not that ive not had anything to blog about or the time.. i just aint felt like it.. I have a good ole case of the post pardem depression again and frankly could care less about anything these days.. ive hardly crocheted at all and anyone who knows me know that when i turn away food or dont want to crochet something is def. up.I am feeling a tad bit better today despite the fact that for the first time since weve lived together hubby is out of town for the week working. I m not happy about it but cant control it.Thursday is our anniversry and he wont be home.. but my sister is here to help so that is good, I plan on trying to stay busy and bomb bard him with text messages..hehe.. so im off to do all my meme post.

Making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

Well what is making your home sing this week, at Moms The Word it is Details.. read more HERE

Now to my home, what is making my home sing, WE finally got the ceilings in our little boys new bedroom textured and they are drying.That means after sanding off the over spray and priming the walls i can PAINT.. YAY..that is making my heart sing. I cant wait till we are finished with all the construction and my home can really sing.. Im also using the help from my sister while she is here this week to do a good old fashion spring cleaning.. that means lifting up the furniture and washing windows. replacing batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Also giving back is making my home sing..Friday night we walked at Relay for life in one of the two neighboring counties for a family friends little boy Jake who passed away from neuroblastoma in December, and this Friday we are participating in the other counties relay for life. Being that my dad passed away from cancer four years ago Thursday and Jake was a wonderful little guy with a wonderful family. I feel it is worth my time and effort to support. I hate cancer. and the sooner we can find a cure the fast we can save innocent kids like Jake. and happy healthy children make my home sing. Hope your home is singing.

Menu Planning Monday


well with my hubby gone out of town this week for work im not in the mood to cook. we have never had a single night alone since we were married and that will be four years on Thursday . We even *gasp* spent the night before our wedding in the same bed. Also my sister is here helping this week so My menu planning is a slacker menu. Also check out other menu's at Im a organizing Junkie.

Monday -
Breakfast-malt o meal peaches & toast
Supper _taco's

Breakfast cold cereal
Lunch-Spaghetti O's, fried bread
Supper- pork chops, green beans , cottage cheese and mashed potato's

Breakfast- Oatmeal and peaches
Lunch-Mac n Cheese
Supper-ham steak , corn and rice

Breakfast-Eggs pancakes sausage
Lunch-Chicken nuggets
Supper- Slow cooker beef stew

breakfast- yogurt and bagels
Lunch -left overs.
Friday _-????? hubby has planned something.. but who know what..???

not me monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am just so excited for this week cause for the first time in our marriage my hubby DID NOT go out of town the week of our anniversary .
He DID NOT Leave me at home ALONE with a 3yrold and 1yr old.
HE DID NOT leave a list of suggestions for things to do while he was gone cause I'll be so bored with out him here.
the list DID NOT include finishing blasting the dry wall on the ceilings in our new bedroom and to primer and paint the walls.. (HAS THIS MAN LOST HIS MIND)
He DID NOT ask his mommy to baby sit this weekend so we could "do somethin' Special and romantical" for our anniversary -this is NOT a direct quote ...

He DID NOT wake up my kids at 6 am before he left and DID NOT fix them smores for breakfast before leaving.
. and when he left I DID NOT Cry or get angry at his boss aka his dad for making him go.

And I Most certainly WOULD NOT blog about how pissed I am that he will not be here on our anniversary Thursday and how much i DON'T already miss him because we have never been apart one day in the past four years.

I will NOT finally enjoy getting the whole bed to my self with out a snoring cover hog laying next to me forcing me to sleep with ear plugs every night..

And I will NOT try to make the best of it..nope I m not BITTER or Mad that his dad waited untill 6 pm last night to tell us he was NOT goin away this week. NOPE.. NOT ME!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

family trip to the lake

well Tuesday night we load up the kids and floaties and headed to the lake.. it is all of a quarter ofa mile away . we have a little beach area near our boat dock and we really enjoyed the cool water since it was like 80 degree's. We plan on making this trip several times a week. I love to swim and the kids like to swim and play in the was such an enjoyable family time..

Monday, June 1, 2009


ARRR.. I m so mad at my hubby's first wife she just gets under my skin sometimes. WHY ?? This woman LEFT my hubby on her own free will because she always let her mommy tell her what to do her and my hubby got in a fight and he had it with her little "ways" we will call them and she was always threating to leave and finally he told her if she wanted to go not to let the door hit her in the butt.. so she called her daddy packed her stuff and moved out.. then SHE filed for divorce took him for 20 grand and all was well. UNTIL. he married me.. fast forward to now 4yrs later.. She wanted nothing to do with him or his family until about two years ago when she found out he had remarried and we had a baby .. Then she began emailing and witting letters to all his family , both is sisters, his grandmothers and his aunts. and I was OK with that .. I was NOT OK with her emailing HIM on OUR email account , Telling him how much she loved him and how she missed him and she wishes they could just "TALK" i 'd like to talk to her face with my fist but that isn't the "christian" thing to do. Well she got a myspace page and tried to add him then she put a picture of their wedding on there and tried to tag him in.. well that is when MRS NICE stopped,, YUP i did it i sent her an email telling her he was over her he didn't want her (all the truth) and to please remove his pic from her page or i would remove her teeth from her mouth ,, not a threat a promise and to leave our family alone.. Hubby told me that when they were married she drew disability cause she has a mental disorder and was on "Crazy Meds" so great a CRAZY women is emailing me.. well i wrote a blog on myspace about it which his two sisters read and now they are all pissed off cause i called her crazy .. well if the shoe fits.. I'm just so sick and tired of how dam childish they are. They both need to grow the hell up and stop acting like we are all in high school (well the older one .. the younger one is in high school but only for one more year) It just seems to me that it is always something with one or both of those two and im so over it.. why cant we all just get along.. if you want to be friends with your brothers pysco ex wife fine but dont expect him to want to be her friend or his current wife to have to read emails from her .. He divorced her for a reason if he really wanted her he would have gotten her . Besides why wait till you know someone has moved on and is HAPPY before you try to make up ..well let me know what you all would have done in this situation.. and THANK GOD they didnt have any kids ..well that is enough ranting , i have to go make my home sing and plan a menu for this week..

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

Im so sad to say goodbye to our weekend, My home is singing but my heart is not, I managed to get a great deal of laundry folded and put away, and the majority of my other house work done. But I am just in a funk.. I didn't anticipate that when we buried Micah I would be this sad, I buried my stillborn son(Matthew) seven years ago and while i often think about the what ifs my heart had healed as much as it could and i thru my self in to raising my two kids then when we lost Micah, it seems all those patched places in my heart were rippped open, I know I am suffering from another case of Post Pardem Depression, I had it with Matthew , I had it with my daughter Miah and now with Micah.. I dont know why but I didnt have it with Gus. All I want to do is sleep and crochet, I dont seem to care about anything anymore except meeting my kids immediate needs . My hubby doesnt understand why I m so upset. Along with the other unessicary drama with his EX wife.. so my home may be singing but my heart is broken in to a million little pieces . So check out Moms the Word for more Home Singing Blogs