Saturday, March 28, 2009

pageant maina..

well it is 2 am and i am up preparing my daughters things for a pageant tomorrow,reading blogs, checking email, and reading my two newest editions of Defining Crochet and Interweave Crochet, and I'm not tired at all,, my little boy was up all night last night with extreme diarrhea ya i know TMI he doctor pulled him off the antibiotics b.c of the poop situation since Saturday mid morning after he had two doses he started the poops.. i had him at the doctor last wed in the er, Friday at the, wed at the ped office and again today. let just say we are on a first name basis with our ped, a really cute mid forties single strait doctor who has never been married and is in good shape.LOL.. and his name is WILBUR.. well his last name.. and a WONDERFUL we are putting in on some pepto and seeing if that will calm his tummy (my son not the Dr) lol.. just had to clear that up .and Gus is on the BRAT diet.. Banana's Rice,Apple sauce and Toast..YUMMY right.. NOT.. well that is all for now .. i guess i should go to bed..

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