Friday, March 20, 2009

ER visit

well tuesday Gus had his 15 month shots and he is normally fussy the next day but yesterday he was OUT of control and when i tryed to put him to bed he cryed and cryed then he vomited 2x and i got him out of his bed and just let him play for a while i figured he would tire hisself out and i went to change his diaper and he was COVERED in a bright red rash with huge welps.. so i put him a cool bath and the redness didnt go away and then he was starting to wheeze and gasp for air so i put him in the car and took him to the ER..It turns out he had a allergic reaction to his shots and they gave him a shot of some meds and some bedadryle type meds to take for the next few days and today we took him to the dr and they drew blood for some test and tomarrow we go back for more , his rash is almost he is feeling better.. but we were up till 5:30 am and didnt get up till like 1 today.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about this. My daughter also had an allergic reaction to a medication the dr prescribed for her last week. It was pretty scary.