Monday, March 16, 2009

spring cleaning.

well today we accomplished a lot around our house yet i seem to still be disappointed at the progress and some of it is my own lazyness today that contributed to the problem, factor #1 is i didnt wake up until 11am cause i was up till 4am with insomnia..#2 it was so nice to just play with the kids for a while i didnt get all my list done. Hubby worked really hard today cleaning up all the limbs still in the yard from the ice storm, splittin by hand and stacking all the fire wood up out back, more insulating under the new addtion so the drywall mud doesnt freeze when we put it on , and he got all the garbage HIS stupid puppy drugg out of the garbage pit and he got the pit burned. here in the country we dug a big whole in the ground and carry out all our garbage the is not recylables and throw it in and then every once in a while we torch it.. saves space in a landfill, we make extra money off the cans and ect and we are saving cause we don t have to pay to dispose of it. i got the living room organized , swept and mopped, the kitchen table cleaned off and swept and mopped the floor, did the floors in the kids room , hall and bathroom, sorted my laundry , did like 4 loads , put some laundry away (hallauliah) and picked up all the dirty clothes stashed in bedrooms and hauled to the dirty clothes bin. made the bed and hubby fixed the vacume cleaner .. yay.. so tomarrow im putting away laundry , doing dishes and vacuming and scrubbing toilets..FUN FUN.. i actually like to clean the bathroom ,that is my fav chore.. id much rather scrub a toilet than do dishes or put up laundry .. well im off to bed early it is only 1am.. maybe i'll be up around 9:30 ish tomarrow..

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