Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my bf's stupid ex..

my boyfriends stupid assed ex pulled some shit today.. she went and picked up his boys from school with out his permission and basically kidnapped them but since the divorce papers dont specify who has what week the cops wont make her give them back so then she goes and files a restraining order against him and now he cant see, talk to or go near his boys who are his whole world. Her alimony is fixing to stop and she is just money hungry she thinks that if she can get full custody he will have to pay her child support.she is a lazy fat bitch who dont want to work.This has broken his heart .. He loves those boys SO much and is the kinda of daddy women fantize of having for thier kids. He has stepped up and took on the role of daddy to my three kids and he makes no difference between his or mine he treat them all the same. HE is a very loving ,kind, caring honest man who would never hurt anyone.I just wanna smack her.. IT kills me to see him in so much pain and there is nothing i can do to stop it . sorry for the lanuguage but i love those boys like they are my own and It kills me to know they are with her and they hate it there..they cry when we take them for thier visits and it is breaking my heart.. any advice ???

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  1. i would find the best family advocate in your area. She is being immature and selfish....she doesn't realize that she is hurting her kids when she is keeping them from their father-she is fulfilling her own needs. What you have to keep in mind is that his kids come first and put your feelings aside (even though you want to kick her butt). I hope you work things out!