Monday, February 16, 2009

valentines day and new life

well valentines day was wonderful this year because i got to do my two favorite things..dan and the kids got me my favorite flowers (tulips) in two colors, red and purple.I LOVE LOVE LOVE Them and i dont mind that they were 1/2 price and a day late they are so beautiful and when they die i'll plant the bulbs out front in my ever growing flower garden..and last night at 11:26 pm little Riley Lawrence Bell was born. He is my father in laws fiance's son's new baby .. we call them our almost family .. he is almost my nephew and SO cute.and little almost makes me want another..but i think of all the sleepless nights ahead of her and im not jelous that much anymore.he was 8lb 5.6 oz and 20 and 1/2 inches long..his little feet are so tiny.. ok enought baby talk.. and back to my vday . in my card i got $100.00 and my mother in law babysat while dan and i went to springfield and i ended up at hobby lobby and spend a good portion of it on yarn and a pattern book, and i bought the kids a few things and my self a few was great.. well that is all for now..

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