Wednesday, February 25, 2009


did you ever have a day when you just didn't feel like your self like you were in auto pilot only doing the very necessary things to get by.maybe it is a "jet lag" from to much excitement and anticipation and preparation of hubby going away for a week and then getting a reprive and having to unpack all we had prepared and being up late the past several nights either with a screaming child or insomnia.also have you ever worked your butt off to clean up your house and then an hour later it look worse than when you started ? do you ever feel like all you do is pick up after others (some are adults who COULD pick up after themselves) and never have any quality time with your significant other to discuss important things or just cuddle.or time for your self unless you stay up until all hours of the night after everyone else is asleep .. have you ever been so close to having a project completed and have all the supplies and money for anything else you might need to do it just cant seem to find the time or person with the know how to complete it.. ARRRR>. im so frustrated with life right now.. it seems that today all i feel like doing is sleeping or screaming maybe some crying.. i guess im just in a funk.. i hope it soon passes.. i hate feeling this away ..

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