Sunday, February 8, 2009

will the power ever come back on???

well lets see friday i got up pick up around the house and then loaded up my kids and went to visit my a few loads of laundry done , we came home endup goin to el charro in mh to eat supper , then out to my mother in laws house cause she has power and we stayed the up saturday morning and came home dan is trying to put the motor in his truck and spent most the day over at his dads (oh joy) and i got to see my favorite sister in law..bitch ..oh i mean beth.. the kids had alot of fun playing out side at what they call "papa's park" in the sandbox on the trampoline and swing set.. they drove the barbie jeep around the yard for a while and then we went to town to get more gas for the generator and came home..the kids went to bed and dan and i stayed up and watched the movie "Gran Terino" online it was really good.. this morning i woke up late cause dan had let the generator run out of gas so ive cleaned house all day .. i picked up the MOUNTAIN of laundry in my bedroom floor and made my bed.hauled all the dirty in to the bathroom,(that is where we keep it) and swept and mopped all the floors, ive been washing laundry all day and hangin it out on the lines out back.hopeing to try and start catching up .. ive folded and put away all the clean laundry in my room and have to put away what i washed friday, i cleaned the kids room up i sprinkled my bedroom carpet down with the cleaning stuff only to find my vacume cleaner wont work and im NOT hapy about that.. ive hated it since i bought the cheap ass thing.. i still have a sink full of dishes to wash.. well i beter get off here and get my dishes done.. i hope the power comes back on.. it has been 13 days with NO power, luckly the generator is now running almost everything except NO hot water and no dryer.. the pc, tv and microwave work and i can run the washer some.. im so done playing "settlers wife".. lucky for me i have a propane cook stove so i can cook just fine and it has been in the 60's so we dont have to run the furnace blower.. oh well this has happend for a reason i just dont know what that reason is yet..

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