Tuesday, February 10, 2009

run run run

well today i went to town to paid some bills came home boiled water id hauled and washed the dishes.. it rained all day and was pretty yukcy.. i made chicken enchilada's for supper and crocheted a little on miahs skirt im making her.. i got an email from the lady who owns the yarn store in town and they offer classes and i found two im planning on taking plus once a month they have an open work night so that is this thursday so i think im goin to go.and leave dan to baby sit..lol.since we have watched the move fireproof , started goin to church and doing the love dare our marriage has grown leap and bounds. it is 100 percent better,,it wasnt bad before he i just starting to see how some members of his family treats me and is finaly ready to tell them to knock it off or else.and with the money to finsh the house and weve gotten a few bills payed off and he is working on his "truck" so are both feeling better about life in general also ive made a friend who i get to visit with some so i dont feel so trapped adn isolated.well that is all for now .. im tired and think im off to bed.

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