Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Finally the power came back on tonight.. im so glad but now i have a ton of house cleaning to do ,i have laundry out the wazoo, a fridge to clean out, and a sink of dishes and now the lights are back on i can see all the spots in the floor ive missed with the swiffer over the past 16 days. needless to say im goin to be BUSY tomarrow..also today four years ago i did a cray thing.. i met a man off the internet and he came to my apartment in ava , mo and we watched a movie and he spent the night.well i guess it wasn't a bad choice cause he is spending the night again tonight and tomarrow night and the night after that..hehe..Dan took me to Colton's and we had a awesome dinner alone with NO kids..thanks to my mother in law who took them to church with her.. we bought an awesome nascar movie i seen on cmt the other night. but i dont remember the name of it.. we had a good time.. well i have a todo list to write so i guess i should stop blogging..

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