Friday, August 27, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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So a BIG Fawk YOU to my husband who got a raise to $14.oo per hour two weeks ago and had a steady job for several months (really hard if you are in construction right now) AND told that if they finished the job they would get a bonus.. FOR not having the balls to be an Indian when you are normally a chief and QUITTING your job cause you "couldn't take it" .. DOUCHE BAG!!! oh ya and thanks for discussing it with me first.. ass.. and now neither of us are working with 3 kids to support.. HONESTLY do men EVER use their brains?

Fawk you to the two little bottom teeth that broke threw my little ellies gums and caused her so must pain  and in which she used to almost rip off my nipple with while nursing this morning..

Fawk You to that huge stack of laundry in my utility room just sitting there as to MOCK me. Why cant laundry be A sexual and DO IT"S SELF!!

 Fawk You to my sons school bus who come at 6:20 am to pick him up and HONKS the horn even if i am standing outside with him and waking up my other kids.. thanks..


  1. I don't know what to say about your husband. Been there. The teeth coming in? When my youngest got her teeth in and did that to me? I stopped nursing right then. Yikes! I couldn't take that.

  2. I want some asexual laundry up in here too!!

    So sorry to hear about your, that's really scary. I hope something pans out for yall!

  3. A sexual laundry.. ha ha genius!!! lol sorry to hear about your husband men just suck sometimes!
    have a GREAT weekend