Sunday, August 29, 2010

Strain Family Update

SO a little update on the family, Miss Miah is an aspiring beautician, she got the scissors down awhile back and cut a chunk out of her bangs and two big chunks out of the back the before and after are below.I was really disappointed I am not very happy about her boy hair cut.

Before she cut her hair

after she cut it..

Miss Ellie is sporting two new teeth on the bottom, rolling all over the place , really trying to sit up and saying da da da .. little stinker.. but an old wives tale says that what ever a little one says first as to momma or daddy that is the gender of the next baby . SO hopfully it is right. Gus deserves a little brother some day.we are still waiting on the results of her blood work that was sent of a few weeks back. you can read about her conditon HERE.

Ellie playing in the floor

And while we are speaking of mr. Gus. he is sick, his doctor thinks he has whooping cough on top of already having croup and bronchitis so we are waiting on his test results but he is allergic to the whooping cough vaccine the first time he got it he ended up in the e.r with a sever allergic reaction.SO if the test comes back positive who knows what is next.

here is a pic of MR . Handsome

so when we get the test results back from miss ellie and mr gus i will post them .. hope all is well with ya'll.

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