Monday, August 9, 2010

Making your home sing Monday.

Making your home sing Mondays

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We are Still working on our bathroom, The water is back on Thank GOD!! but we are still with out a door, wall that divides the bathroom from the hall way and the wall at the end of the tub that hides the water heater and linen closet. The jacuzzi tub how ever does work and is GREAT!! we also have NO sink yet , no tile or shower head yet.. I hope maybe this weekend we will be able to finish the wall and install the tile and the sink and shower.. I did the "redneck thing" and hung a sheet up so we have some form of privacy while in the bathroom. Since there is NO wall. So all that stuff that was In the bathroom is now in what will be the girls room but i was using as a playroom, part is blocked off by doors waiting to be painted and put in. the other part was over flow for toys since miah and Gus are sharing a room until we get her and Ellie's room done. Miss Ellie is still sleeping in our room but IS sleeping thru the night.. YAY!! well she is up at around six am .. but so am i putting Gus on the bus for school so  i consider it all night. In two weeks miss miah can go back to her preschool program and then i will only have miss Ellie home. I am thinking of getting a part time job . I wont know what to do with only one immobile child at home. The house will stay SO much cleaner cause i will have NO one home till around 3 ish to mess it up..So I need to organize the playroom so the toys are usable and the stuff from the bathroom is put up so the kids are safe, and a good ole once over the whole house.It is SO unorganized since we started this remodel.. things are out of place. The place i had for my sheets and towels was over the utility en-clove in the hall but that was eliminated to move the wall out for the new tub. So they are piled up in the soon to be new linen closet but has no shelves yet. SO maybe by tuesday my home will be singing.. Have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!

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  1. It's funny that we're both working on our bathrooms, haha! I do hope you will put up pictures when you're done.

    Wow, you're going to have more of free-time on your hands during the day. As you said, things will stay much more neat!

    I'm going to be much busier come Fall, so I will have to make some meals ahead and freeze them, or just make them ahead and stick them in the fridge so that I'll have something ready for the dinner hour that night (and use the crockpot more too. Thanks for linking up!