Monday, August 16, 2010

making your home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

Well things are getting done around the house but my heart is NOT singing.. IVe been struggling all week with some pretty heavy stuff. The tile laying, shower installing and new vanity for the bathroom is on hold, We also decided to move the extra stuff from the girls room that we were using for storage in to my sewing room now the storage room and to NOT rip up the carpet and paint the walls just yet but to go ahead and move the girls in to it the way it is. SO this weekend I reorganized my sewing room to make room for our extra stuff, we are goin to move the hubby's dresser out of the girls room in to our room and put up the crib FINALLY .. she is almost seven months old and move miah's toddler bed and her toys in to the room and then rearrange gus's room. so there is significant progress on the house.. but my heart is broken.. We took our six month old for her six month check up and her head was measuring a little on the small side so the doctor wanted a MRI done. we got the results back and she has been diagnosed with Microcephaly. you can Google it if you want more info . Basically her brain is smaller than it is supposed to be and it can cause SIGNIFICANT DELAYS. SO FAR.. she is hitting her milestones but it is a hurry up and wait game and I AM NOT a patient hope you all are having a HAPPY MONDAY and read here for more mondays

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