Friday, June 4, 2010

flip off and fawk you fridays

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 SO a big FAWK YOU AND FLIP OFF to the local dentist who wont see my four yr old with a chipped front tooth and is making us drive FOUR hrs to FAYETTEVILLE  to see a specialist .

AND to the dentist at FAYETTEVILLE who is making her wait until TUESDAY to be seen.

ALSO to the electric company.. I KNOW our bill is due on the 14th of the month but if my payment isn't at your mailbox buy the 16th you send out a disconnect notice.. YOU KNOW where you can STICK THAT NOTICE.. in YOUR ASS!!!  You over charge me and then when we have a ice storm i am with out power for TWENTY DAYS and my bill is only 20 bucks less than any other time.. with NO EXPLANATION.. SO FAWK YOU!! and the other two electric providers recently decreased their rates while you raised yours. (THIS IS ME FLIPPIN YOU OFF)

And to my HUGE PILE of laundry who taunts me by falling over in the floor.. TWO FINGERS TO YOU!!!


  1. That totally stinks about your daughter having to see a specialist for a chipped tooth...a normal dentist cannot handle that?? What the heck, I would be ticked too!
    Sorry about the electric rude of them!
    Your newest follower!

  2. "fawk you".....funny, love that you say that!! every week, many people flip off laundry! haha! have a good weekend!

  3. Sorry about the tooth and dentist woes. Those do suck. And laundry seems to be a common theme. Feel better?

  4. I am LMAO at your "fawk" button! sooo funny! I hope Tuesday comes soon for your poor little girl. :(

  5. Phew I was glad when you ended with the two fingers, 'cause when we "fawk" in Australia it's always attached to two fingers. Dentists - sheesh don't get me started on that one. Great flip-offs.