Monday, June 21, 2010

Hell of a week,

This past week has been HELL.. Lets start off by saying this blog will be LONG, contain whining, bitching and cussing.. SO be warned.. Lets begin. JUNE 11.2010 our five yr anniversary, the anniversary of my dad's passing AND a man i called granddaddy passed THAT day. Did my husband tell me Happy Anniversary . NO , did he get me a card or gift or even flowers to acknowledge in ANY WAY shape or form that this day was special and sad for me .. HELL NO!!! fast forward to Sunday , visitation I went by my self , funeral i went alone with our oldest and youngest. On Tuesday I found out my father in law has a new love interest but that her HUSBAND has only been dead less than 2 weeks.. YUP .. HE passed on May 30th, 2010 and as of saturday June 12th, this chick has been staying at my Father in laws house and AINT left yet.. I think that is crazy .. shouldn't she let him harden up first.I just dont think two weeks is an appropriate amount of  grievance time before screwing someone else. Well I am pretty good friends with my father in laws ex of seven years and her and I was discussing our feelings about this new woman. Mean while my husband read what i had typed. When he left for work wed morning the LAST thing i said to him was .. IF your dad's new piece is there YOU ARE NOT TO SPEAK TO HER !! she is not the kind of person i want around my husband.. I feel she has NO respect for her dead husband, decency ,or desecration. I DEFIANTLY  dont want my children around her..So later in the day i get a anonymous email telling me that this bitch is accusing me of sending her a email with a fake facebook account calling her a slut. SO i emailed her ON MY facebook explaining to her that IF i had anything to say to her I would say it to her face and NOT hide behind a fake name .but if the shoe fit to wear it. Later that afternoon I called my father in laws house to ask my sister in law if she could cut my sons hair and my father in law answers the phone and proceeds to chew my ass for "emailing" his new piece. I told him IT was not me and when he asked me to apologize to her i told him HELL no i didn't do anything and he hung up on me. I was pissed. I told my hubby he needed to go over there and set his dad strait and explain that I DID NOT email her under the fake account.  But like always HE refused to stand up and Defend me but I Couldn't figure out why , THEN he dropped a BOMB On me.. HE had thought I did send her a email and that HE was sorry .. I am like WHAT THE FUCK!!! NICE nothing like having your OWN husband throw you under a bus.. When he knows how much shit his family blames on me and when ever anything gets started I get BLAMED!!! and then he did that to me.. Talk about being betrayed. I lost it. I called my mother in law to come get my kids cause this was more than i could handle. I was ready to pack my stuff and leave. I can not be married to someone who will do this to me.I was so exhausted from crying and fighting i collapsed and slept. I had went to church Wed night and talked to the preacher about some Marriage counseling for our issue of him not being able to stand up for me prior to the bomb being dropped. SO when we began to discuss our issues Thursday morning he told me he didn't know why i was SO pissed of or why what he did was wrong. SO Friday we went to talk to the preacher and BOTH learned a lot about the way each other think about things and it was REALLY helpful for me to hear the man tell him he was WRONG!!! He did apologize but it will be a LONG time before I trust him again . Saturday and Sunday we practiced a few things the counselor asked us to do and the past two days have been the best two days we have had in FOREVER!! HE did go over to his dad's and set him strait, HE called his dad and asked him if is whore was goin to be there all weekend cause we wanted the kids to take him his fathers day present and he said he didn't know.. so hubby hung up . I was SO PISSED.. is it really to much to ask to zip your pants long enough to spend time with your grand-kids and son on fathers day .. SO i called him and give him ear full and he said he MIGHT come by .. but he NEVER DID.. or if he did we were gone to church. Hubby is goin to talk to him when they go to work.  The hubby and I have talked more this weekend about things than we have talked in several years.SO maybe now things will continue to get better.. SO what do you all think about my father in laws NEW woman.. what do you believe is the proper grieving time after losing a spouse to screw someone new???Am I wrong to not want my kids around her? One of the MAIN reasons we dont want our kids over there when he has "someone" there is he has a history of changing women like most ppl change socks and we dont want our girls growing up thinking it is ok to do that. HE wants to act like they are 15 yrs old and is all over them and touching and kissing and IF he wants to do that at his house that is fine but NOT in front of my girls. That is not a good example for them. Also I dont want them getting attached to someone and then him be done with them and I have to explain to my kids why so and so aint there anymore. now IF in six months or so she is still around we MIGHT talk about letting them go over there.. But from what i have read on HER facebook , her actions towards me and with my father in law i feel she has NO Integrity or class and NOT the kind of person I feel I should allow in my children's life. SO let me know AM i right or WRONG.??

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