Monday, June 15, 2009

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

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So what is making my home sing this week? Well we finally got the ceilings in our new bedroom and sons room textured and the walls primed and today i painted the walls in Gussy's room.. so i cant wait for hubby to come home and lay the sub floor and flooring so we can move in.. i wish i knew how to do it so could just do it.. also im finally all caught up with my house work i have a small sink of dish's ,a half pail of diapers to launder and some to put away but other than that im all caught up .yay.. so i guess my home is singing but one member of the choir is gone this week working away again.. i m not happy about but we are makinging .. but darn it i miss him. and OH YA.. check out my BIG ANNOUCEMENT BLOG .. here

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  1. First congratulations! How exciting. I totally understand your concern, of course.

    Hopefully you are feeling well and no morning sickness. I am excited for you!

    Hope you get the room all finished with the flooring soon. Thank you for linking up today!