Monday, June 1, 2009


ARRR.. I m so mad at my hubby's first wife she just gets under my skin sometimes. WHY ?? This woman LEFT my hubby on her own free will because she always let her mommy tell her what to do her and my hubby got in a fight and he had it with her little "ways" we will call them and she was always threating to leave and finally he told her if she wanted to go not to let the door hit her in the butt.. so she called her daddy packed her stuff and moved out.. then SHE filed for divorce took him for 20 grand and all was well. UNTIL. he married me.. fast forward to now 4yrs later.. She wanted nothing to do with him or his family until about two years ago when she found out he had remarried and we had a baby .. Then she began emailing and witting letters to all his family , both is sisters, his grandmothers and his aunts. and I was OK with that .. I was NOT OK with her emailing HIM on OUR email account , Telling him how much she loved him and how she missed him and she wishes they could just "TALK" i 'd like to talk to her face with my fist but that isn't the "christian" thing to do. Well she got a myspace page and tried to add him then she put a picture of their wedding on there and tried to tag him in.. well that is when MRS NICE stopped,, YUP i did it i sent her an email telling her he was over her he didn't want her (all the truth) and to please remove his pic from her page or i would remove her teeth from her mouth ,, not a threat a promise and to leave our family alone.. Hubby told me that when they were married she drew disability cause she has a mental disorder and was on "Crazy Meds" so great a CRAZY women is emailing me.. well i wrote a blog on myspace about it which his two sisters read and now they are all pissed off cause i called her crazy .. well if the shoe fits.. I'm just so sick and tired of how dam childish they are. They both need to grow the hell up and stop acting like we are all in high school (well the older one .. the younger one is in high school but only for one more year) It just seems to me that it is always something with one or both of those two and im so over it.. why cant we all just get along.. if you want to be friends with your brothers pysco ex wife fine but dont expect him to want to be her friend or his current wife to have to read emails from her .. He divorced her for a reason if he really wanted her he would have gotten her . Besides why wait till you know someone has moved on and is HAPPY before you try to make up ..well let me know what you all would have done in this situation.. and THANK GOD they didnt have any kids ..well that is enough ranting , i have to go make my home sing and plan a menu for this week..

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