Monday, June 8, 2009

im back ..sort of

well ive been mia sorta the past week or so its not that ive not had anything to blog about or the time.. i just aint felt like it.. I have a good ole case of the post pardem depression again and frankly could care less about anything these days.. ive hardly crocheted at all and anyone who knows me know that when i turn away food or dont want to crochet something is def. up.I am feeling a tad bit better today despite the fact that for the first time since weve lived together hubby is out of town for the week working. I m not happy about it but cant control it.Thursday is our anniversry and he wont be home.. but my sister is here to help so that is good, I plan on trying to stay busy and bomb bard him with text messages..hehe.. so im off to do all my meme post.

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