Friday, June 12, 2009

friday photo flashback..

Friday Photo Flashback
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so i guess the theme is prom pics.. well my Jr prom was 11yrs ago and Sr prom 10 yrs ago.the blue dress is Jr year and my date is Aaron .. and my lavender dress is sr yr and that guy is named Jeremiah..i still have contact with both occasionally.The blue dress was hand made by a close family friend and i bought the other one. i still have them both and NO i cant still fit..


  1. Hi Mistie!! How pretty!!!! I love your updo also!!!

    I think I'm going to share my husbands prom picture next week! LOL!!

    I'm glad you joined in this week!!

  2. That blue is beautiful. Great pictures!

  3. How fun! I love looking at prom pics. :)

  4. I thought about sharing a prom picture but thought better of it. Maybe next week...maybe. Love the blue one.

  5. Your updo is gorgeous. I love the blue of your is so pretty! I have no prom pics to share...never went to a prom - ever!