Monday, June 15, 2009

not me monday

so it is time not me monday , make sure and check out MckMama's Blog.

So I would never trick my kids in to Playing in their rooms while i put up the baby gate and then go lay on the couch to rest, NOPE not me..

I would never be excited to be expecting again.. only one month after my miscarriage.
also i would NEVER secretely hope im have twins..NOPE NOT ME..
I NOT upset that hubby is out of town again this week.
I would NEVER wait until the last minute to bake his birthday cake.
I also would never put my 18 month to bed 30 min early so i could spoil my 3 yr old. (she is NOT having a tough time and Missing her daddy while he is gone). I would never had her a paint brush while i was NOT painting gussy;s room and let her go to town on the white wall . I would also never paint her hand and foot and stick them to the wall and then take pics and i would NEVER post them online? NOPE NOT ME!!!

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