Thursday, July 16, 2009

baby news

well i went to my first doctors appointment today and had a ultrasound done and..
there is one ONE baby and my due date is Feb, 13,2010 which is a saturday and since i will have a scheduled c-section and he only "scheldules them on tuesday i am guessing this little peanut will be here on Feb. 9th , but i would prefer the 11th since that is our special date.. Unless things go airy like they did with Gus and i get pre eeclamsia and have to be delivered early .Hubby is pulling for the 12th since that will be the 5 yr anniversary of the day we met.. But i dont see that happening I have NEVER carried a baby to 40 weeks, Miah was born at 38 weeks and Gus at 36 weeks SO i am goin to say with confidence by VALENTINES DAY if all goes well we will have a new little baby to cuddle.. I m so excited and TERRIFIED.. i will have 3 children, 3 and under.. (WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING) Also I registered Miah for preschool today , I m kinda sad that she is getting so big so fast .. she got to see the class room and the playground and was so excited.. i Know i will cry the first morning i drop her off.. I dont know if her mommy is big enough for her to go to school yet.. and what am i goin to do with just gus home all day alone? its been so long since i just had one child I'll be lost, I guess i could put him in daycare and then id BE ALONE ALL DAY.. just imagine how much house work i could get accomplished (haha i mean how long i could nap) in one day .. well speaking of nap it is my bed time Ive been really sick at my tummy today and have a little bit of heartburn.. so im off to bed..

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