Monday, July 20, 2009

not my child

Thanks Mckmama after what awoke to this morning I really needed a place to write what my perfect little angel WOULD NOT do.

My darling 3 yr old would never climb over the baby gate, go into the kitchen make her self a cup of O.J. spill it all over the floor, then get a bowl and some fruit loops and pour the O.J. in the bowl and then Drag it into my living room (freshly mopped) and proceed to "enjoy" herself made breakfast.

Then she defiantly wouldn't come back to the bedroom where i was folding laundry and say good morning mommy i made a little mess for you .

My 19month old would also never remove his diaper and finger paint on his wall in his own B.M. (SUPER GROSS) and then laugh when I discover what he did.. why do kids do that it just icky..

My three yearold was asked to pick up a few toys from their bedroom floor and then look at me and say "mommy YOU pick them up if you want them picked so fast"..
What is wrong with these children today why do they have such attitudes where are the calm , loving , always compliant ones i put to bed last night and how do i get them back? I hate having to be what my daughter refers to as "the mean mommy" and GASP .. SPANK yup i said it SPANK my kids. I believe if you dont start now you wont be able to control them when they are older.

My 19 month old did try to fix a hair brush i dropped and broke the handle off of this am. .. he was holding the two pieces together and saying " broke broke" . It was SO cute.

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