Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday Photo Flashbacks

Friday Photo Flashback

Time for another flashback from Alicia.

This is a pic of me when i was about five and the other on my sixth birthday . I have for the most part of my life had really long hair.. i didn't get my first hair cut till i was about 12. and then it was just dead ends trimmed off. and currently it is past the middle of my back.

this is my FAV pic of my daddy and ME. I miss him everyday .
im not sure how old i am i think fifth grade.


  1. What great photos...I love the one of you and your dad. I remember when my parents told me I had to stop kissing them on the lips...I was so sad....thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww..those are so cute!!! And wow, your hair is super long!!

    That is cute of you and your dad!!! Aww!

  3. wow, what a long hair you have had, nice photos.

  4. What beautiful pictures! I too had white blonde hair as a little girl, but mine never had the body yours does! Thank you for sharing!

  5. What sweet memories! I love that picture of you and your dad. I had long hair like that but I always wanted it to be blonde like yours!