Monday, July 6, 2009

not me monday

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So it time for Not Me Monday.

So I would Never let my sister watch my kids while I ran errands with hubby just for some alone time with him.
I would then never turn around and send said kids for a weekend at nanny's for MORE alone time with the hubby . Then sleep most the day while he worked on around the house projects.
I would NEVER start five new crochet projects with a deadline for them to be finished by sept 9th so i could enter them in the county Fair.
I also would NEVER take my daughter pageant dress shopping for a Christmas pageant dress in July .I would also NEVER find the perfect one and put a deposit on it.
I would Never completely abandon my cloth diapers for disposables for a entire week cause i was to sick at my stomach to have to clean them out and wash them.
AND I MOST CERTAINLY WOULD never USE MY MORNING SICKNESS TO LAY ON THE COUCH , DO NOTHING AND THEN HAVE HUBBY DRIVE ME IN TO TOWN AND EAT AT MY FAVORITE PLACE CAUSE IT WAS ALL I HAD BEEN CRAVING AND THOUGHT I COULD STOMACH.(two days in a row) ..NOPE NOT ME!!! well it is time for me to NOT go to bed since it is NOT 1 am and i am NOT still awake cause i DIDNT Sleep all morning and did not send hubby to go pick the kids up from nanny's.. well i hope you all have a good week.

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