Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Photo FlashBack

Friday Photo Flashback
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Here are some pics of my grandparents. The First one is of my maternal grandparents both have passed now. but i LOVED my papa so much i wish he could have spoiled my kids the way he did me.
And these are my paternal grand parents, my grandfather is dead and i was never that close to him as he was one to "abuse" his granddaughters if he was left alone with them and My sweet grandma the only living grandparent i have. I feel so sorry for her six of her seven children have died before her, she is now in a nursing home and i go visit as often as i can. I love her so much and it is ALL her fault im so addicted to crocheting she taught me when i was 8 How to crochet.. most the time when i visit i take my most current project with me and show her.


  1. Sweet photos. It's clear how much you love them.

  2. I'm sure your grandma loves it so much when you go and visit her!! Thank you for sharing the pictures of them!!!