Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i want wednesday

This weeks question is:

What do you want to NOT have to share with other people.

Just a recent pet peeve of mine.Since I found out I am expecting another baby and we have started to tell people the top questions I get are #1 Dont you know what is causing that? YES I DO and i LIKE IT!!! and #2 Are you goin to get "fixed"? Am i a dog? is there a law that says if you have the means to take care of a child you cant have as many as God will Bless you with? I want to NOT have to answer these people's stupid questions and then defend the decisions my husband and myself have made after much thinking and praying. Why cant they just say congrats and move on ??? Hubby and I recently paid off all our debt except the 15, 000 we owe the bank for our land, bought a new to us a 1997 SUV and paid cash for it and the 6 months of insurance. Hubby has found steady work again and I am saving us more money by staying home with the kids and i get to raise them myself. We clip coupons , buy things on sale and in bulk. and I use cloth diapers and we eat a lot of farm raised meat and veggies, with only a few bills such as electric, phone and dish, and our land payment we do just fine. We may not be RICH but we are wealthy because we have love and each other. Why cant people just see that instead of judging us? Well im climbing off my soap box to go fix lunch..

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  1. well, i'm not gonna ask you any questions but I wanna extend my congratulations to you and to your husband.

    i wish you well... :)