Thursday, September 24, 2009

baby #3 is.... a...

Our little p-nut is a GIRL.. now to pick a name.. i really like Ellie, but we like Mae as a middle name and our last name is NOT Clampet.. so we cant name her Ellie Mae, hubby and i both like Kacie Mae but i m just in love with the name ellie.. so help with names.. PLEASE


  1. Ellie is a beautiful name, now something to go with it, hum, , , Grace, Faith, Rae, Danielle, ? and if you wanna go with the beverly hillbilly clan, , Pearl, ha. good luck in finding one. hope you have a good rest of pregnancy and wish you Gods blessings. O how bout Ellie Dove? I like different names.

  2. Ellie is a beautiful name. Congratulations on finding out she's a girl!