Friday, September 4, 2009

I need HELP Potty Trainig

SO My little man has started showing signs he is ready to start potty training. ONLY problem is mommy has NO idea what to DO .. Miah was so easy to potty train and her gramy had her trained over one weekend.. SO any advice on how to potty train a little boy .. HELP HELP .. i would like to have him trained by Feb when P nut arrives.Wish me Luck!!!


  1. Well boys are tough sometimes, and even if they have signs, sometimes they are not truly ready, so don't be disappointed if he doesn't get it on the first try. The best advice I received and can give is this, do not use pull ups, use only real underwear. The other is if they don't get it after a few days stop, and try again in a few months. We just went to the bathroom every 30 minutes and 15 min after we drink, also I had one that wanted to use a little potty and my youngest wanted the big potty only. If you use the big potty sit him on backwards and this will prevent a lot of messes!

  2. thanks so much for stopping by. i really just wanna sit and read all about you, but theres things to be done. my advice on potty training a boy is.. let him pee in a cup. really i dont have much on that because our two older ones basically did it on their own, now our third one just turned two and we are having more of a time of it. so im just trying to wait till she is ready.