Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday Photo FlashBack

Friday Photo Flashback

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Here are a few pics of our past halloweens..06-08
Miah's First halloween she went as a princess.. she was six months old..2006

this is what happens when you have to much free time in arkansas.. Gus is in there somewhere..

Miah's ballerina out fit halloween 07 i was expecting gus

Miah as a piggy in 08

Gussy's first halloween as a monkey 08

view of his TAIl..

This year she wants to be Little red Riding hood and gus is goin to be the big bad wolf.. I cant wait to make their costumes and take pics..


  1. cute are all those pictures!!

    And I love the pumpkin belly!!!

  2. wow I love the belly painting.. best pic.. Love your kids' costumes ..

  3. Ahhh, these pictures were adorable. I could not get over the one of your pregnant!! Funny♥

  4. I can't wait to get the Halloween pics out - those are the most fun, aren't they?? Love the pumpkin tummy - Gus looks great! ha ha Have a great weekend ~

  5. It's already been said...the pumpkin belly...too cute!!!

  6. OHHHH WE DID THAT A FEW YEARS BACK!! IT was soo cute. ( LRRH and big bad wolf!)

    I love themes and your belly shot. Totally cute.

    xoxo supah