Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big changes at the strain house

well there has been some baby drama at our house the past few weeks as i mentioned in a few past post my little boy gus has been really sick lately. he has had diarrhea for 3 weeks, the doctor cant figure out why he had up until Thursday no other sickness symptoms.Thursday he started coughing, vomiting, running a fever and had a runny nose and the diarrhea disapeared. So we went to the doctor and he was put on more steriods and anitbiotics. My daughter who will be 3 today went to the denist on tuesday for a check up and the denitsit descoverd a few small cavities so he sent us to a pediatric dentist in Harrison , AR and hour away and we went thursday ( this is when gus decied to start vomiting, half way there was a barf fest.. fun fun) We were late cause my mother in law whom drove us had to keep pulling over so i could wipe him off or change his clothes. She is goin back on the 23rd to have her teeth filled. Gus goes back to the doctor on the 27th for a recheck unless he gets worse before then , and now to my hubby , we went to the doctor, luckly his eye required no stitches but was sore has heck for several days and swollen . The doctor gave him and anitbiotic which he is done with now and a control med for the seizures, and we finally got a diagonosis, CLASSIC EPILEPSY , Finally this is the 3rd doctor he has seen one a neorologist who couldnt give us one . I've know for three years this is what he had but couldnt convice those dam know it all doctors of it. We really really like his new doctor and so does he, And much to my relief this episode finally scarred him enought to start taking his pills like he his supposed to and is MUCH easier to live with . So that is every one but ME.. well I've been well playing nurse to everyone and their needs and have been really tired lately didnt really think nothing of it till i looked at my girly "Calender" to see when "AUNT FLO" was supposed to be here and reliezed it was january the last time i seen her and thought OH SHIT!!! ran to the store bought 2 preg test,, first one invalid.. dam it... second one neg.. (WHEEW) so i laid them up on the back of the toilet and went about my business , when i went to throw them away the first one had a postive result.. so i went and bought two more, took one this am and YUP wouldnt you know it.. WE ARE EXPECTING #3 some time in oct the best i can guess.. Im not planning on telling my hubby's family b.c as all you who read this know they are goin to go ape shit and freek out. we wanted another baby someday but wanted to wait a while, this is the 2nd time ive gotten prego on the pill, and Ironicly when i found i was expecting Gus it was on Tommiah' First birthday and i found out this am one day before her 3rd birthday im expecting again .. weird huh.. also when i went to the dr this am they guessed my due date as 10-10 . Miah's bday and our anivery is theh 11th, and gus's birthday and the day dan and i first talked was a 10th, and this baby is due on the 10th.. wierd i guess 10 and 11 are my lucky numbers but DONT worry i am not a DUGGAR WANT TO BE (nothing wrong with the duggars they seem sweet and well rounded ) BUT IM PLANNING ON HAVING 10 or 11 kids. Maybe four.. but i guess the lord will decied how many huh.. he decied to bless us with another one ..
well im off to bed ive sitten so long my but is asleep i believe that is a sign to get up ..

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