Thursday, April 30, 2009

our little peanut

Well I woke up yesterday morning and was having some bleeding and cramping and was sick at my stomach and had a massive headach. SO i layed on the couch all day and my wonderful sister watched my kids and took care of them . (gosh i love her) but my bleeding got worse so i had hubby take me to the er, and we found out the #1 I didnt miscarry and they dont know what is causing the bleeding but it is not coming from my uterus or placenta. #2 im not nearly as far along as i thought i was .. I am only six weeks and that pushes my due date is december 27, im just glad that the baby is O.K.
so ive put up my ultrasound pics of "trey" since this is baby #3 that is what i am calling it since i dont know if the baby is a he or she. OH ya there was just one in there.. so that means sometime in the future i 'll have one more..

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