Sunday, April 19, 2009

Miah's pageant

Some members of my family hate that i enter here in pageants but her and i both enjoy them, so as long as she WANTS to do them and we can afford it i am goin to let her participate, This past
Saturday she participated in another pageant and she won 2nd place. She did so well and Im so proud of her..Daddy took the pics so some are blurry.but here they are

her Miss PhotoGenic entry pic

Miss personality photo entry

best hair photo entry

she looks so serious i guess she was "in the zone"

ignoring me .. so typical

a blurry pic of her crown

Her getting her crown

after the pageant on the way home

telling the first place crown winner congrats ( they both got the same crown only the other girl got a sash also) and below is miah after the pageant she was so tired..yes she has a black eye she fell a few days ago,

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