Sunday, April 26, 2009

making my home sing 3rd edition


So this weekend has been in my eyes as productive I had a list of things I was hoping to accomplish and while I didn't get it all done i was satisfied with my progress. Let rewind to Friday night , My 16 month old didn't want to go to bed we were up till 4am, Now mind you I had planned to go yard selling to try to find a few baby items i needed to replace,, aka a swing and baby bed, i was also hoping to find some more cloth diapers , diaper covers , crib sheets and shoes for my little man. I ended up scoring everything except a baby bed.I even picked up some maternity shirts. So i got up at 6:30 sat morning after yard selling I had to be at church at 9:30 am for "ladies " day , all the women of area churches gather and have a day of fellowship and teaching so when i returned from that i took a nap at my mother in laws and we stayed there late by the time we got home and got in bed it was 1 am. Hubby and I slept in until 10:30 this am and **gasp** didn't go to church, the kids were at my mother in laws so we "enjoyed" each others company for an hour or so then got up and this is when i started to make my home sing. My home is a remodeled 1972 12feet wide by 48 feet long mobile home occupied by four adults and two toddlers.we dont have much room, the only closet which was 8 x 8 was converted into the kids room before my oldest was born so we have NO closets, we have a kitchen, living room, kids room , bath room and our room , in our room i have my china hutch and it is used as a closet it holds most my clothing as well as we each have a chest of drawers in our room, both kids have a small dresser in our room and that serves as our changing table.My washer and dryer are in our hall way so all the dirty laundry is piled in baskets in our very small bathroom, Needless to say there is CLUTTER everywhere,just not enough room to put everything, so hubby and i decided to add on and DOUBLE our space by adding a utility room, a master bed and half bath , a kids rooma and kitchen and then remodel our kitchen now into a dinning room and where the kids are now in the "closet" is goin to be my crochet, sewing and home office room..I m most excited about that,and where our room is now will be my little girls new room and when we find out what we are having that baby will share with us for a while then with which ever sibling is the same sex. so back to making my home sing, we have two corner area's in our room that seemed to be the catch all for miss matched socks , clothes the kids have outgrown , winter coats and blankets and other items that dont really have a home yet. so i cleaned out these area's and sent bag after bag to our storage shed (much to hubby's dismay) he is also using it as a "garage" to store and work on an old 351 Windsor motor out of my truck i inherited from my dad when he passed away. so i have a HUGE INDESCRIBABLE amount of yarn stashed next to my recliner and the wall in the living room, i moved it in to the newly created space in the corner and organized all my baby and pregnancy books and magazines in a basket and stacked them neatly. and on one of my trips to the shed i discovered a long lost bag of summer clothes for my kids and my maternity summer clothes.. YAY.i also created at least two more loads of laundry, I got my diaper laundry washed and hung out to dry, all my floors swept and mopped or vacuumed, all the garbage taken out , all my dishes done , changed everyone's sheets, folded a bunch of laundry, purged kid clothing drawers and our clothing and created about four more feet in my living room for my kids to play in. so overall im happy and hubby got some more drywall finished on our addition.and we watched the nascar race.. i even found time to relax while watching the race and crocheted some, then this evening we went to town bought some food, got the kids from my mother in law and went to my father in laws, helped him plant his pepper plants in his garden , came home and put up the groceries and now im am just relaxing and reading all my favorite blogs like moms the word and now i am off to bed, im kinda tired.. good night and i hope you all make your home sing today


  1. Oh my gosh! You're already done! You accomplished so much this weekend, going into this week should feel terrific. All that and you're I definitely feel like a slacker! Have a terrific week and thanks for inspiring me to jump right into it!

  2. Wow, Mistie, you got all that done while you're expecting??? (Congrats by the way, how exciting!!). I am impressed that you had all that energy to be so productive. I always just wanted to nap, lol!

    How awesome to be able to add on to your home and have more room. What a blessing that will be!

    You have done an amazing amount of work and deserve to relax! You go, girl! Thank you for joining us today!

  3. Bless you dear~I call these years the desert years. I remember them so well. Just remember this too shall pass. You only remember the good days~I promise. They go so fast. Cherish every moment.
    From this Mom's heart to yours!