Sunday, April 5, 2009

busy weekend

Well we have had a pretty full weekend. Last night (friday) we took the kids to eat at one of our favorite resturant and then to the circus. My mother in law took them for the night so we came home and went to bed and SLEPT IN..Hubby and my brother got up and worked on our additon, Hanging the last bit of drywall and cleaning it up so we can put down flooring, Then we went to Hubby's uncles Grand Opening of his Gun Store, Saw hubby's whole family there, reclaimed our little boy, went into town picked up a few thing, then back home for the guys to work more on the additon and me more time to clean house, then tonight we took my brother to the local stock car races in West Plains, Gus my 15 month old LOVED it, we have alot of fun while we were there i got to work on some of my current crochet projects.. (read the my other blog for more details) so i guess tomarrow is church, more addition work, house cleaning and retrieving my little girl. she went with her nanny to see her greatgranny and is spending the night again.. hope everyone has had a productive weekend.

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