Thursday, April 23, 2009

cloth diapering

well my whole family thinks Ive gone insane because after a particularly NASTY round of diaper rash with my already sick 16 month old I switched to cloth diapers. I bought 12 pre folds , then whipped out a pattern left over from a dress pattern for a set of bloomers and have hand sewn him several more, i have a whole pile of flannel prints and solids to make more diapers out of, my sewing machine eat dirt so i have been hand sewing a few which is really slow since i am a beginning seamstress.So i was SO happy to read a blog about the Benefits of cloth diapers and you can read it here. I also going to email it to all my family so they can see the benefits as well and maybe get off my back..lately they have really been a pain in the neck with all their negativity towards the impending arrival of baby #3 and a my decision to cloth diaper and make my own laundry soap and follow God's instructions to dress modestly ( only wearing skirts) and letting my husband be the head of the house as the bible instructs. I just don't understand people sometimes..

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