Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Daddy Day

Well talk about a side of my hubby I just discovered.. Saturday my mother in law had to go to work and she had my kids well we have ONE phone at our house and it is a cordless well apparently it had went dead and when she called so i could go retrieve them it never rang so being out of options she took them to my hubby who was working on a construction site and he got to taste what it is like to try to work and watch kids.. an luckily for him.. and much to my surprise they were WELL BEHAVED..(why don't they act like that for me ) After he got done at work, YES they finished the job. He took them out to eat , to play at the park , and then to PET CO.. miah loves to go see the animals.ALL by his self.Who knew he was so talented.. This from a man who has only watched them both at the same time maybe 3 times since Gus was born 20 month ago..And he returned them home CLEAN and in one piece , fed and ready for a nap.. have i mented HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS MAN!! and while they napped I got a nap myself and had a whole day to my self.. i had more me time saturday than ive had in the past 3yrs.. so a WONDERFUL saturday I think EVERY SATURDAY should be a DADDY DAY!!!!

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