Sunday, August 30, 2009

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

Well check out Mom's the word for more Singing here..
to make my home sing this week we decided it was time for some r&r and to just have fun so sunday we loaded up the kids and drove 2 hrs north to silver dollar city in Branson , MO and had a blast. Im goin to try to write a full blog about our trip . I m also purging closets as summer is on its way out and fall and winter are on their way in . bringing in cloths from the storage shed and washing them up and the giving the house a good end of spring cleaning.. so maybe i'll get me long list of things done..


  1. Oh, it sounds like fun. I will have to check out your link, the name sounds familiar. Doesn't it just feel good to do a little purging around the house!

    I hope you are feeling better and thank you for linking up today!

  2. Oh I've heard of the shows in Brandson before but I didn't realize you could go to a theme or water park. How fun!

  3. Oh how fun! I was just reading another blog post about someone going to Silver Dollar today. It's so important to take time out for fun. It's good for us and our children...not to mention the family memories. Hope you have a great week sorting through your closets!