Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i want wednesday

What do you want to undo that you have already done?
Honesltly.. I dont want anyone to take this the wrong way BUT.. I wish I was not expecting again so soon.. I know this baby is a blessing and I 'm Just not sure that I'm ready for a 3rd. I am really happy with my boy and my girl.. I guess it is just to late..but oh well.. what dont kill us makes us stronger right? and god wont give me more than i can handle? just wish he didnt trust me so much..


  1. I am sure you are just feeling a little overwhelmed right now. A new baby on the way, a daugther off to school. I had three young ones close together in age and there were days when I was fit to be tied. It all works out and just focus on keep healthy and happy the rest of your pregancy.
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  2. I am sure you will be fine! I have a friend with a 2 and half year old, 1 and half year old and baby due in December. You are not alone!!! I am sure it is perfectly natural to be feeling this way and like Delena said, it will all work out.
    Love Collette xxxxx