Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miah 's open house

So we went to the Preschool open house. I was both happy and sad, I know I cant stop her from growing up but they dont tell you they grow up so FAST..It seem like when you are expecting your first baby time drags on and on and once the baby arrives if FLIES. She had fun playing with all the toys and meeting her teacher and two little ones we know are in her class including a cousin by marriage.So Tomorrow is the big day I will of course take pics of her before we go. and try to write about it . It will be a change to only have gussy all alone. I hope he dont miss his sissy to much.. and then in Feb. we will add baby # 3 and I'll be back to two at home.So below im posting a few pics of my big girl in her pageant dress's ..let me know which one you like the best..

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  1. Hi Mistie I am doing just fine and how r u feeling? I have been busy getting ready to move from Boston to Austin, Tx. We leave a week from today, we are driving and plan to make a little trip out it...going to graceland, grand ole opry.

    I see your due on Feb 13th......might have a valentine baby! 3 kids will be a bit to handle but before you know it they will be all in school. It doesn't seem that way when all you hear is mommy, mommy, mommy all day long but one day you'll will be wishing they where small.......trust me girl when I tell you the bigger they get the bigger the problems and the more they want and need.

    A bit of advice: Never under mind or disrespect your husband nor he you in front of the kids, always be a united front in front of the kids, children needs lots of praise and keep rewards for good deeds small always, give the kids a chore to do daily, and cook with the kids, they learn to read, they learn math, it builds self-esteem and your bonding with them........and someday you will hear one of them say my mama taught me how to make this.
    Kids are very fagile and emotional they absorb way more than you think......!
    When my kids where little somedays I ran in the bathroom and prayed for patience so I would kill one of them.......lol but it worked and I have two responsible kids, my daughter can be a bit wild and mouthy but I learn that once they turn 13 teen you have to pick and chose your battles.

    So your 3 months now and do you plan to find out the sex of the baby? Do you have any names in mind?