Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our saturday Staycation

Saturday afternoon we loaded up the kids and drove about 100 miles north west to Springfield,MO and had a blast.We took the kids to the Dickerson Park ZOO, they loved looking at all the animals and I got plenty of exercise. Afterwords we went to Hobby Lobby where I bought a couple of double ended crochet hooks. Then we went to Kmart and they had all their summer stuff on clearance for 2.50 and I had a 50 % off coupon from the last time i went , I got Miah a bunch of clothes for school. Then we went to Micheal's (a craft store) and I got some yarn , thread and two more crochet hooks. Then the BEST PART.. We went and ate at my FAVORITE PLACE to eat Apple bee's , we had hot wings.. ( I LOVE HOT WINGS) and steak , Apple bees has a 2 for $20 deal right now so we didn't spend much more than if we would have ate at McDonald's and it was 1000x's better.We had such a good time , We arrived home around midnight and the kids are asleep and so were we shortly after. Those kids were worn out. I'll post a slide show later of all we saw.

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