Sunday, August 9, 2009

making my home sing monday

Making your home sing Mondays

Make sure to check out Mom's The Word this week as always she has a great post.

So what am I doing to make my home sing this week Not a lot.
Monday I have to take my 3yr old to the dentist to have a filling replaced she fell down friday morning and knocked it out. Tuesday I have a baby doctor appointment at 10 am the a wic pick up and my big girl has a physical at 2pm for her preschool application.. YES my angel is goin to school on Aug 24th, I m Not sure how ready I am for her to go but she is excited. I am so sad she has grown up so fast. Maybe Wed, Thurs and Fri I will feel up to getting some much needed house work done. Honestly my house is a WRECK.. There is a sink full of dirty dish's , the living room looks like toys r us store exploded and the bathroom is stacked full of dirty laundry..SUZY HOMEMAKER is M.I.A. So does anyone ever get depressed when their house is a mess but still dont feel motivated to fix the problem or cant due to health problems.. and feel guilty about letting your house fall in around you? I wish I could have a maid for ONE day but I dont see that happening.. so .. until next week .. I hope you all have a good week..


  1. Oh yes, I get discouraged when my house is a mess. I get discouraged because I know I have to clean it up.

    When we first got married my house was a wreck all the time. I mean we lived in a mess. I never cleaned the kitchen after dinner, I rarely unpacked all the canned goods and put them away (we just left them in the sack until we used them, can you believe it?).

    We had papers and piles everywhere. Just everywhere!

    The habits I taught myself back then are what keep me going during busy times now. Such as always cleaning my kitchen after every meal.

    When I was sick a couple of weeks ago I just laid around and watched t.v. and during the commercials would drag myself into the kitchen and clean when I could (noone else was home to do it for me).

    Another thing I learned is to put things away that you have in your hand now. You may not have the energy to pick up your entire home but you can keep it from getting worse by putting away things you get out now. That one habit has helped alot.

    You will feel better soon and get everything under control again soon! Thank you for linking up and hope your daughter has a lovely first day at school!

  2. I know what you mean.. our living room looks like toys r us exploded!

  3. Like Momstheword posted above, I had to learn it all when I was still newly married and had young children. My house was a disaster a lot of the time and I was embarrassed by the condition we lived in. I finally figured out that it was all up to me and accepted the job.

    Congratulations on your oldest heading off to school. Time passes quickly, doesn't it?