Monday, August 24, 2009

not my child monday

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My children have actually been rather well behaved this past week. My son would never stalk a cat so he could "pet " it.. while screaming "mear kiddy" or strip down to his diaper every chance he gets.


And my daughter would never put her finger in the giraffe's mouth or wrestle an alligator on our Stay-cation to the ZOO.They would never want to go camping at the Zoo.

My kids would never encourage childish behavior from their daddy either and then laugh while mommy sneakly takes pictures..(hehe)

My son would never throw his whole plate of spaghetti in my freshly mopped floor and then proceed to eat it. (YUK)Or try to get me to hold him right afterwords.My daughter would never have told me "mommy you can go home now" on her first day of preschool instead of crying and clinging to my leg like half the other kids did..and then just want a hug and kiss by .nope not my perfectly behaved children..


  1. love those pics of dad joining in!!! what a relief that you daughter was so happy to go to preschool!
    Love Collette xxx