Friday, January 8, 2010

aloha friday

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So here is my question.. I found out on Wednesday that my Doctor is going to deliver me on Jan 22nd. SO .. What are any last minute  things did y'all do before your babies arrived? I have a pretty long list of things to get ready around the house and I m stressing MAJOR..but we DID finally decied on a name.. we are naming her Ellieannah Danielle  and will call her Ellie..


  1. The last thing I did...take a nice warm shower and relax! Maybe I was being selfish, but I knew by my 3rd that I was in for some stress the next few months and wanted some time to myself. Although my hubby is great and pulled twice his weight with the chores.

  2. Oh how sweet, my son was born last year on January 22!

    I was nesting really bad, and I was two weeks late so I had plenty of time for cleaning; which was great because I didn't feel like doing anything for quite a while afterwards.

    One thing that also turned out to be nice was my husbands assistant at work made us about six meals (lasagna, pasta, and beef stew) and froze them in seal a meal bags. I thought I wouldn't really use them because I usually love to cook, but I just had no energy for it so they were super handy for the first week home.

    Good luck with your delivery!

  3. Hooray!!! My baby was so late that I kept doing last minute things for an entire week and a half LOL
    I'd just relax and enjoy this time! Congrats!

  4. Nice. A baby soon. Precious.

    I just ensured that the necessaries were in my bag and that someone would be there to keep my son.

    Not much.