Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Works For me Wednesday.

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Well Ive barely got time to blog this week as we are preparing for miss Ellie to arrive I was scheldualed to have her Friday Am but after goin to the doctor he said that he might want to wait another week I HOPE NOT!! I go back to the doctor tomarrow and we will decide if she comes Friday or next week. SO we have been working like CRAZY to get ready for her.. here is link to my   meme post describing what is goin on .. I'm so excited to finally be moved in to our addtion and getting things arranged and ORGANIZED the way i want them. 

We did ALL these things HERE , this past weekend. In preparation for our baby to be born , . So Im working on  all the last minute thing that need to be done before we bring her home. For example, Re paint a room , decorate, put up a crib, move all her big sisters stuff in the room (they are sharing) putting up the pack n play in our room, organizing all those TINY little socks and clothes, oh ya and finish sewing the FORTY cloth diapers Ive started.. not to mention cooking several large meals to put in the freezer to make life easier later since i'll have a c-section and wont feel like cooking. So it is goin to be a BUSY week around here.hopefully by next tuesday i'll be working on changing some newborn diaper changes.. PLEASE PRAY This child is born soon I am SO done being prego for a while..

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